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another guest post!

Straight from the land down under, it's Alan E. Brain and his 60's memories:

My older sister getting a Transistorised Record Player about the size of a small suitcase, and listening to "The March of the Mods",
"Telstar", "Journey cross the Mersey", and of course "She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah"

James Hanratty.

Mods and Rockers

Turning on the TV, and waiting the three minutes for it to warm up, so I could watch the first episode of a new series called
"Doctor Who". Then finding out the show had been postponed, as a bloke called Kennedy had got himself shot.

Reading a "Look And Learn" book called "You will go to the Moon" and believing that I'd do just that.

Reading "The Hobbit" and being told that some people in California were making a big todo of this rattling good children's tale.

Holidaying with relatives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and being shown the ancient bullet-holes, but all of that was a long time
ago, and "The Troubles" couldn't recur, could they?

1966 World Cup - ENGLAND WINNERS

Singing in the local High Anglican church chir in Ruff and Surplice. 6d for a practice, 1s for a Service, a half-crown ( 2s 6d ) for
weddings, and the Bonanza, the one we always dreamed of but never got, 5s for a funeral.

The Cancellation of the TSR-2, and later, the F-111K.

Anglo-Bubbly chewing gum, the Eagle and Dan Dare

Coming home from boarding school - and finding the Israelis had fought and won a war since I last saw a newspaper.

Watching "The Monkees"

Listening to Radio Free Prague, as the Warsaw Pact crushed the Prague Spring.

Paris Peace Talks, and the shape of the table.

Seeing Colour Television for the first time, and wondering how it was done.

Going past Carnaby Street, and looking in wonder at the colourful wildlife.

Watching "The Prisoner"

Seeing one of the first public showings of "2001 : A Space Odyssey", and vowing that in 2001, I'd be working on a space project.

Taking the Qantas Boeing 707-320 "City of Parramatta" from Heathrow, saying goodbye to England.

Buying and eating two weird American candy bars - a "Babe Ruth" and a "Powerhouse" at about midnight in San Francisco, on the second
of the four refuelling stops along the way. Wondering who was Ruth, and why was she a babe?

Eating Pawpaw (papaya), a fruit I'd never even heard of, in the air on the final leg between Nandi and Sydney.

Arriving at Charles Kingsford-Smith airport, which seemed to be an overgrown tin shed with corrugated iron sides, and watching the
queues of Soldiers flying off to Vietnam. Realising at that very moment that maybe emigrating to Australia might end up with me
getting shot in a conflict I'd only barely heard about.

Surfing for the first time.

"One Small Step for (a) Man...."

Rowan and Martin's "Laugh In".

Appearing with some of teh School Choir on the "Tommy Leonetti" show (same guy appeared in "Gomer Pyle USMC"), and meeting Tiny Tim.

Backing "Peter Paul and Mary" at the (still unfinished) Opera House.


Feel free to share your memories of any decade.