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time of my life

Looks like I'm taking requests.

M wants to know my concert experiences.

Well, I've seen over 300 bands, but I can narrow down some of the high/low lights for you.

First concert: David Cassidy, Nassau Coliseum
First real concert: Kiss, Nassau Coliseum

Worst concert: Oh, so many. So, so many. Saw Bachman Turner Overdrive and fell asleep. Saw the "new" Clash about half an hour after I slammed my finger in a glass cassete case sliding door at Record World. Still can't decide if the pain of the smashed finger or the pain of the "new" Clash was worse. Coal Chamber - just a horrible live band.

Best: Hands down, Nick Cave last year. Billy Bragg opening for INXS was spectacular. Incubus, first time I saw them. Lou Reed. The Alarm in the pouring rain. Little Feat. Ice Cube. Blue Oyster Cult. Emerson Lake & Palmer. Type O Negative.

Any more post requests?


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You said the theme was "slowly dying"... just trying to help. :)

Best - Yes in the Round

Worst - Rush in a small venue...too loud

You use AOL IM Rachel?

I saw Yes in the round at the Garden and they were pretty good. I saw them years earlier in coleege during the Close to the Edge tour. They were pretty good then.
Best was Janis Joplin in Forest Hills.

Here's a request what 80's prominent politicians would be most likely to listen to and sing along with rap songs and what rappers would they listen to?

Wow, fell asleep during BTO? That's pretty sad.

I went to see The Guess Who last summer, with Randy Bachman back in the band, so they did all the Guess Who hits and the BTO hits. It was all awesome! Funny how some of these guys are better now they're in their fifties.

Worst Ever - "Europe", opening for Def Leppard. Lordy, Europe sucked. Possibly the worst band ever, certainly the worst of the hair band era. It was a game - listen to one of their songs and try to figure out who it sounded like a ripoff of. One song sounded like Asia, another like Loverboy...it just went on and on. We just sat in the parking lot and drank beer until they were finishing up. Could still hear them (outdoor concert - I can't remember the venue, but it was the amphitheatre in the SF bay area where you used to be able to set the ground on fire because of outgassing from the landfill below it) but at least we didn't have to look at them.

Actually, both times we saw Def Leppard the opening act sucked. At the Cow Palacem (I love that name), Tesla opened for them. Tesla was my favourite band at the time (and still one of my top-ten of all time), but they just couldn't deal with the "Theatre In The Round" format...they just had no idea how to work the stage, so they just stood there. Sad, really, since I was amped about seeing them and had been talking them up to my friends. But Def Leppard kicked ass, of course.

The fire-prone amphitheater in the Bay Area is called Shoreline. Sadly, they fixed the methane leaks some years ago. Good times.

I don't know about the worst, but the weirdest concert I went to was Stryper in the mid-80's. It was the only concert where I did not witness any drug or alcohol use, and the audience yelled things like "Jesus Rocks!"