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fashion victims

The men in this picture are:


1. Showing off the finest fashions of their era
2. Getting ready for a circle jerk
3. All members of The White Stripes
4. ____________________________


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definitely #2, but the guy in the gold shirt would be hot if he got stuck in a rainstorm for an hour. or maybe a shower.

I vote 4, which would be "Both 1 and 2."

All need haircuts RIGHT NOW.

Number 2 gets my vote.
Humm, I think I had one of those belts once.

You think that's bad? Wait till the eighties revival. I'd stock up on hairspray now...

First thing I noticed is that the one in the pink could've been the twin of Carl Wilson from the Beach Boys.


Geez. I am such a dork! Forget that there are 5 of them for a second - I thought it was the Monkees at first glance! And I haven't even been up all night. How bad is that?

#2 definitely!!