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you spin me right round

Starhawk wants to know the first CD I bought.

I was working at Record World when CDs first made their appearance. The first batch that came in - at about $25 a pop - were remastered versions of classic rock albums. I didn't have a cd player yet, but the first one I shelled out money for was a Pink Floyd disc, I don't remember which one.

And then it was all downhill from there in the music world. CDs started replacing vinyl on the walls of the store. Prices came down. More people were buying CDs than records. By the time I left Record World, a lot of bands started producing only on CD.

So I was in Utopia the other day, a former head shop turned trendy pop culture store/piericing emporium/seller of goth clothing for suburban teens (with the head shop still in the back) and I noticed they had a whole rack of vinyl. Not old vinyl. New. Seems some bands still adhere to the old school way and release their stuff on albums as well as discs.

I don't have a turntable anymore, but I just might buy one of those albums anyhow.


I'm sad that you never commented on my Zombie script.... :(

I bought two CDs when I got my first player: Whitney Houston's first album, and a Tchaikovsky violin concerto.

That was the first CD I bought also. I remember that $25 price too.

my first two first cds were david bowie and bob marley. i bought them on the same day, to go with my brand new portable cd player, which weighed about 14 pounds. ok, maybe two. and only ran on wall-socket power. this was.... 1984? god, i'm old.

God do i miss vinal. I am not old enough to have bought albums on vinal, but I remember when vinal was the biggest seller, and I used to listen to my older brother's records( I am 26 now, he's 7 years older than me). I ,love the crackle-pop of a record. Cds are cool, but some music was meant for vinal.

I think the first CD I ever bought was Pink Floyd: The Wall, the second being Dark side of the moon. That was in the late 80's, early 90's. Hey, I can't help being a youngin hehehe

You can still get vinyl record players. I bought a new one for $129 from Tandy's. Its called an Optimus and its made in France- but it really is rather good and doesn't smell like garlic-y BO at all.

I can't speak for all bands - but some are producint on vinyl because it has a fuller sound. CD's - being digital - have a harsh edge to them. Vinyl is analog - so it's 'smoother'. That's the easiest way to explain it w/o getting 'Way too technical' for most people. It's the same thing driving the return of vacuum tube amplifiers. Yes - those things that look like funky orange glowing lightbulbs...

Well, what are they going to bring back next, rollerskates?