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Who's still with me? Anyone? Bueller?

This theme thing is killing me.

Next year's theme is: "one sentence stories."


Just a little more to go there,michele!

I gotta wimp out & hit the hay!

good work,there.


That should be easy brief.
Should I start sending you IM's to make sure you are awake?

Awright. I am up and listening to hot music, and I just pledged my widow's mite to you and Laurence. LET'S ROCK, grrrl. What do you need to wake you up?!?! I'll do it! I have a pic of me when I went as a stripper for halloween one year if you want it, boobage, you name it. After all, it is for Magen David Adom....

Do you remember the first CD you bought? what year was it? How fast the world changed from vinyl?

Hey, it's not that late... do you need people to help keep you awake? We could start sending you IMs to pester you so you don't doze off. :)

If you're looking for entertainment, go read Jason's latest entry... too friggin' funny. Jerry Bailey is such a dick.

here's one:
The French are miserable because they can't admit they learned to cook from the Italians. And the Italians still do it better.

Still with ya!

Should I tell the story about how I came damn close to knocking myself out in a gas station shitter in Wichita?

I always hated that damn town...

hey! I just got up to check on you! how is it going?

one sentence stories sound interesting.

A sentence ends with a period - but if you are really, really good with commas, and conjuctions, you could write quite a story in only once sentence - if you were so inspired. :)

I'm still here. I got my sister to pledge, then got her off my computer so I could check in! Dang computer hog!

Yep, right here. Enjoying the hell out of your posts, too.

still here, but barely. put on license to ill. loud.

how about bad haircuts of the 80's?

or the 80's female equvalent:

the classics never die.

Play Freebird, man!

Freebird!!! Freeeeeeeebird!!!!!

Still here with ya, Michele. Hang in there...

One sentence stories? How about the guy serving 25-to-life who built a complete floor of a building while on work release.