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porcupine slayer

I'm listening to Slayer and it reminds me. I had a dream the other night. You know that damn thing Kerry King always wore around his wrist? I call it the porcupine.

Well in the dream, it really was a porcupine and it was eating King from the wrist up.

That's all.


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I hope you are still awake. :)

Did ... uhh ... by any chance .. you read my response for your Zombie story?

I'd really appreciate it if you would provide some feedback.

It might help keep you awake, hopefully you'll even get a chuckle out of it.


Jay is asleep on the couch.. I'm still hangin in there

I'm faded, but I'm still here.


You really do have some of the strangest dreams. Perhaps it's good that you're going without sleep.

Keep up the good work!