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then and now, again


Then and now. The one thing that gets sexier as it gets older.


Then and now.



Then and now. What happened to that sweet little girl?


The Apple II RULED!!!!

I can not say the hulk got better looking LMAO.... I think he is kinda creepy looking now ;)

I blame it on my strict chritian upbringing.

Hey, I'm your new monitor. So behave yourself. Or don't. Hell, I don't care. It's not like you're going to drop out with $3K of sponsorshipness is it?

Hell, no. I'm not going anywhere.

Big Brother's watching us.

yeah, i'd love to play with my old trs-80 now. i have this amazing new vaio, only about two weeks old, and i still wish i could code old basic graphics into a 1979-era tandy. how sad. if not queen geek, i must qualify for at least co-queen geek.