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80's trivia!

Just what you've been waiting for, right?

Name six members of the Brat Back
What was the original name of Duran Duran?
Who was the leader of the Transformers?
Where did the Super friends congregate and watch the latest happenings on a big screen TV?
What group did New Order evolve from?
What were the names of Kevin's best friend and girl friend on "The Wonder Years?"
What was the name of the mechanical bear on Battlestar Galactica?
What, according to GI Joe, was "Half the battle"?
Name all five New Kids On The Block
Name 5 Muppets from "The Muppet Show"
What craft toy involved cutting plastic figures, coloring them in, and then baking them in the oven?
What planet was Spock brought back to life on?
Name 3 of the actors from "The Goonies"
Name the four ghosts from Pac-Man
What was the name of the funky van Scooby Doo and friends rode in?
Which band had members Robert palmer, Andy and John Taylor, and Tony
What were the names of all five Huxtable kids on "The Cosby Show?"
What were the names of the four Golden Girls?0. What was the name of Ripley's ship in Aliens? (not Alien or Alien3)
Name 5 movies made by John Hughes in the 1980's
What was the name of the singer who died in Robotech's first generation?
Name the four original 4 MTV VeeJays
Name the two mega-popular bands which got their start on college-radio in Athens, Georgia?
What was the name of He-Man's magician sidekick?
Name the 4 girls from the "Facts of Life" and their chaperone
Who played Ming of Mongo in "Flash Gordon"?


1. ally sheedy, rob lowe, demi moore, emilio, judd nelson, molly ringwald.
2. dunno.
3. dunno.
4 hall of justice.
5. dunno.
6 winnie and paul.
8. you're joking right?
9. kermit, miss piggy, the swedish chef, gonzo, beaker, the old men,
10. shrinky dinks.
11. genesis
14. the mystery machine.
15. power station.
rudy, vanessa, theo, denise and ?
19. pretty in pink, sweet sixteen, and drawing a blank.
20. ?
21. martha, alan, mark and nina. I hated nina
22. REM and The b52s
24 no.
26 i dunno.
Yeah, I suck at this....lol

1. Molly Ringwald, Alley Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson
2. No clue
3. Optimus Prime?
4. The Hall of Justice
5. Don't know
6. Paul and Winnie
7. No clue
8. Knowing?
9. Jordan, Jon, Joey, Danny, Donnie (whose hospital room I almost got into one time...)
10. Kermit, Fozzie, Rolf, Swedish Chef, Scooter
11. Shrinky-Dinks?
12. No clue
13. Also no clue
14. Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde
15. The Mystery Machine
16. Don't remember
17. Theo... the little girl... yeah, I don't remember the rest
18. Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose
19. No clue
20. Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles
21. No clue
22. Adam Curry,
23. REM and... dunno
24. Orko, was it?
25. Blair, Natalie... don't remember the rest
26. Don't know

1.Demi, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy
2.Duran Duran
3.Optimus Prime
4.Hall of Justice
5.Joy Division
6.Winnie and Paul
7.no clue
8. Knowing
9. Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Joey, Jonathan
10. Kermit, Fozzie, Rolf, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Scooter, Bunsen, Animal
11.Shrinky Dinks
12. Vulcan
13. Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, Josh Brolin
14. Inky, Pinky, Binky, Clyde
15. Mystery Machine
16. Power Station
17. Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, Rudy
18. Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, Sophia
19. USS-Sulaco
20. Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller's Day Off,
Sixteen Candles
21. Roy Fokker
22. Mark Goodman,Nina Blackwood, JJ Jackson, Martha Quinn, and Alan Hunter
23. REM and the B-52's
24. Orco
25. Blair, Jo, Tootie, Natalie & Mrs. Garrett,
26. Max VonSydow

Small disclaimer: I cheated on a couple of them
- I've had brain farts all day so please excuse my utter lack of integrity today.

Shit shit shit! Why do you do this to me? You make me look even more of an 80s geek than I feel......I answered ALL those questions without blinking or thinking.


Ok, I'll bite without Googling. I got a few at least.

  • Six members of the Brat Pack . . . hmm, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall?
  • No idea on Duran Duran.
  • By leader of the Transformers, I'll assume you mean the Autobots and say Optimus Prime.
  • Didn't the Super Friends meet up in the Hall of Justice?
  • New Order started out as Joy Division, which probably wouldn't set very with people anymore. (Nazi references have lost their "edge" value, for good reason.)
  • Paul and Winnie were Kevin's best friend and girlfriend respectively, and no, Paul isn't Marilyn Manson.
  • The mechanical bear . . . was . . . dunno.
  • The Joes always said knowing is half the battle.
  • I'm not going to touch the New Kids on the Block one.
  • As for Muppets, Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.
  • The craft toy question . . . agh . . . I actually made those damn things . . .
  • Spock was brought back to life on the Genesis Planet?? I haven't watched Trek 3 in some time. (Odd Treks baaaad! Even Treks gooood!)
  • Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and Corey Feldman were the first Goon Docks residents I thought of.
  • Pac Man was menaced by Winky, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde.
  • The original Scooby Gang rode around in The Mystery Machine.
  • I'm lost on the band question (must . . . not . . . Google).
  • Theo, Rudy, Denise . . . uh . . . does 3 of 5 Cosby kids count?
  • The Golden Girls were Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia.
  • Ripley's ship was the Nostromo, IIRC.
  • Hughes . . . um . . . I wanna say Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, European Vacation, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • Hrm, did Minmei die in Robotech? I don't recall . . . if she did, good riddance.
  • I'll pass on the MTV Veejays -- only Adam Curry comes to mind. Me no have cable at the start of MTV.
  • REM came from Athens and . . . um . . . partial credit?
  • He-Man's sidekick was Orko. I didn't like him. He always looked shady under that hat.
  • The "Facts of Life" girls were Tootie, Natalie, Jo, and Blair. And Ms. Garret watched over them.
  • Ming was played by . . . Max von Sydow? I think . . .

1. um. demi moore, emelio estevez, judd nelson, rob lowe, ally sheedy, and molly ringwald?
2. (i should know this)
3. optimus prime
4. hall of justice
5. joy division
7. muffit
8. knowing
10. kermit, miss piggy, gonzo, rowlf, beaker.
11. colorforms? no, shrinkidinks.
13. um. corey feldman, ione skye. no, that's all i've got.
14. inky, blinky, winky, pinky?
15. mystery machine.
17. um... theo, nope. lost it.
18. sophia and blanche dubois are the only ones i remember.
20. breakfast club, pretty in pink, st elmo's fire, um.... sixteen candles. um, that one with kelly lebrock... weird science?
21. may-something? ming may?
23. rem and the b52s
24. crap. the little floaty guy. i just saw it the other day...
25. jo, blair... tootie... malorie? megan? no. starts with an m.... and mrs. garrett.

Oh, what the hell. It's late, and I should be in bed, but anyhow....

1. Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Ali Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald
2. No clue.
3. Optimus Prime
4. Hall of Justice
5. Joy Division
6. Winnie and Paul
7. Moffet
8. No clue.
9. Joey, Donnie, Danny ... no clue on the other two
10. Statler, Waldorf, Lew Zealand, The Swedish Chef, Sam the Eagle and Rolf
11. Shrinky-Dinks
12. No clue.
13. Joey Pantoliano, Corey Feldman, "That Actress" from Throw Momma from a Train
14. Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde
15. The Mystery Machine
16. Tower of Power
17. Rudi, Theo, Denise ... no clue on the rest
18. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia
19. No clue.
20. No clue.
21. No clue.
22. Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter ... no clue on the rest.
23. REM and the B-53s
24. No clue.
25. Tootie, Natalie, Jo, Blanche and Mrs. Garrett
26. No clue.

P.S. Jo was the hot one in The Facts of Life.


i agree, jo was the hot one. especially in that prom episode. (like bailey was the hot one on wkrp) and i'm betting on genesis and nostromo. they both sound familiar. i can't believe i don't remember duran duran's original name...

Goonies: Don't forget Short Round from "Indy and the Temple of Doom", plus the Hot-Hot-Hot Kerry Green. Wonder what she looks like now?

Oh, and Spock was actually brought back to life on the Genesis planet (in the Mutara sector), but he was reunited with his katra on Vulcan.

it wasn't the new romantics, was it?

1. Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe and Judd Nelson

2. Barbella

3. Optimus Prime

4.The Hall of Justice

5.Joy Division

6. Paul and Winnie


8. Knowing

9. Joey, Jon, Jonathan, Donny and Jordan

10. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo, Beeker

11. Shrinky Dinks

12 Vulcan

13. Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Sean Astin

14. Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde

15. The Mystery Machine

16. Power Station

17. Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy

18. Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia

19. USS-Sulaco

20. Breakfast Club, ST elmo's Fire, Pretty in Pink

21. ????

22. Martha Quinn is the only one I remember

23. REM and the B52's??

24. Orco

25. Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo The chaperone was Edna Garrett

26. Not a clue

1. Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Anthony Michael Hall


3. Optimus Prime (Autobots) Megatron (Decepticons)

4. Hall of Justice

5. ????

6. Paul and Winnie

7. Muffet

8. Knowing

9. Joey, Donnie, Jordan, Danny, and Jon

10. Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Kermit, Beeker, Rizzo the Rat, Gonzo, and Animal

11. Shrinky Dinks

12. Vulcan

13. Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Robert Davi

14. Inky Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde

15. Mystery Machine

16. Power Station

17. Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy

18. Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia. ????

19. Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Uncle Buck, Breakfast Club

20. Lynn Minmei

21. Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson, Nina Blackwood

22. B-52's, REM

23. ????

24. Blair, Tootie, Jo, Natalie, and Mrs. Garrett

25. Max Von Sydow

Duran Duran WAS the original name of the band... taken from Barbarella evil-doer Durant Durant (which is said to be better than To Russia with Love)

1.ally sheedy,molly ringwold,rob lowe, anthony michael hall, emilio estevez, demi moore
2. ?
3.Optimus Prime
4. hall of Justice
6.Paul and Winnie
9.Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jordan and Jonathan
10.Beaker, Ms.Piggy, Kermit, Foggy Bear, Gonzo
13.Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, Sean Astin
15.The Mystery Machine
17.Sondra, Theo, Vanessa, Denise, Rudy
18.Sofia, Blanche, Rose, Dorothy
19.Breakfast club, pretty in pink, sixteen candles, ferris bueler's day off, weird science
22.R.E.M, ?
25. Jo, Blair, Natalie, Tootie and Edna

1.Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Andrew McCarthy, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez
2. RAF
3. Optimus Prime
4. Justice hall
5. Joy Division
6. Paul and Winny
7. Muffett
8. Knowing
9.Joey, Donny, Jordan (?)
10. Miss Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie, Animal, Gonzo
11. Shrinky Dinks
12. Earth?
13.Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Sean Aston
15. Mystery Machine
16. Power Station
17. Theo, Rudy, Vanessa , Denise, ?
19. ?
20.Sixteen candles, breakfast club?
22.rem, ?
24. Jo. Blair, Tootie, Natalie, Mrs. Garrett
25. Max Von Sydow