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gratuitious picture of me 2

1977. Check out the full denim outfit. And the boots.


Was I cool, or what?

Don't answer that.


And the cat...

That's Coffee, I think. One of the trillion cats we had.

You look like the lost ABBA girl.

Those boots are fab.

Nice kittly.


All I can say is you were lucky you never saw me in my powder blue leisure suit.

look how cute you are! nice curves, babe, even then. (apologies if that's pedophilic)


I went to the prom with you.

Looks good to me. Love the boots.

Woo hoo!

Very nice. I think I detect a little bit of an attitude, even way back then. ;-)

Back in '77, I fell all over myself for girls who looked exactly that way. Certainly nothing to be ashamed of (you, that is - I have plenty to be ashamed of.)