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then and now 2


Then: Clackers. Huge, rock solid marble balls on strings that you clacked together, eventually nailing yourself in the head and hiding in the bushes afterwards because your mother warned you those things were dangerous.

Now: Made of rubber. Non-toxic. Won't cause injuries. Makes no noise. Your mother approves.

Teen Idols:

Then: Leif Garrett. Teen hearthrob, actor, singer and postery boy. Rumored at the time to be possibly gay.

Now: Justin Timberlake. Teen hearthrob, actor, singer and poster boy. Possibly gay.



Then: Pat, I had the same shirt. Is that a Hukapoo?

Now. Lost the Hukapoo shirt, but didn't lose the smile.


Clackers! COOL!

But I never got Leif Garrett.

Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Osmond, DiFranco...All those I understood.

But Leif Garrett I never got. [heebeejeebies just thinking about any girl going gaga over him]

i was one of the girls going gaga over leif garrett. (serious alliteration) but he looks so young there. funny, when you're six, they look so much older. almost grotesquely older.

I had several pairs of clackers during my mis-spent youth. The hard plastic kind. The kind that if you get REAL GOOD at 'em - and go at it for a couple of minutes solid - they'd eventually end up shattering and sending sharp bits of plastic flying in all directions. No wonder the Consumer Products Safety Commission (or whatever the equivalent was back then) wanted to band these 'evil toys'. So, you think the manufacturer encouraged this - so we kids would want 'em even more? ;-)

Oh - that - and we used them kinda like a short stringed 'bola' on unsuspecting neighborhood pets and small children.

Yes, I was much more mischievous then - or not! ;-)