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don't make me do it

I'm heading into deep 80's territory here.

Got the 80's stations all hooked up on Netscape Radio. Quiet Riot playing right now.

We need just ten dollars to reach 14k in donations between the three of us.

If we don't get the ten dollars in the next ten minutes I will torture you all by posting audio blogs of me singing Sister Christian.

I swear. That is a threat.

Go sponsor either me or Lair or Meryl. Doesn't matter which.


I did it.

Back away from the Night Ranger, young lady. Nice and slow and nobody gets hurt.


Thirteen hours ahead of you here in Osaka, just joining you for your blogathon efforts now and wanted to wish you good luck!

Can we hear some of the singing even if you get the ten bucks? Can I request "Jump"?

It has to be the Aztec Camera version!


No-o-o-o-o! Don't post, I want to hear her sing. Even if it's (whimper) Night Ranger. I'll give you more money for an audblog post, Michele. (you don't have to sing)