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Guest post #4: Bill Quick

Bill Quick, known to most of you as the Daily Pundit, is also a prolific and respected author. And yes, he coined the term blogosphere.

I sat through several segments of a VH-1 (VH-1: MTV for Fogies) show yesterday, something called The Greatest 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons. The principal reason I did so was to see where they ranked my book partner, Bill Shatner, with whom I one sat in a Sunset Ave. coffee shop and discussed American iconhood (he is one and he knows it) while fending off slavering Trekkies who wanted him to autograph their private parts -or parts that looked as if they'd arrived on the Enterprise only that morning.

Bill ended up ranked at 117 (a surprise: I thought Captain Kirk would at least crack the top 100), while Leonard Nimoy (Spock) trailed in the 162 slot - take that, you pointy-eared ham. What struck me most about the list, though, was how it, like damned near everything else in our lives, is still disproportionately influenced by the vast wad of indigestible baby boomers still working its slow way through the snake gut of our popular culture. I'd make a horseback estimate that at least three quarters of the VH-1 icons found their genesis in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, the heyday of boomer childhood and youth. Here's the Top Twenty:

20. Britney Spears
19. The Brady Bunch
18. Bill Clinton
17. Mickey Mouse
16. Muhammad Ali
15. Jennifer Lopez
14. Steven Spielberg
13. Jerry Seinfeld
12. The Beatles
11. Friends Cast
10. Michael Jackson
9. Princess Diana
8. Michael Jordan
7. Madonna
6. Marilyn Monroe
5. Tom Cruise
4. Lucille Ball
3. Elvis Presley
2. Superman
1. Oprah Winfrey

I expect that if you do this same list fifty years from now (immortality will have been discovered and the Boomers will still be horribly alive and vigorous - and stuck forever in the belly of the Worm Oroborous) that Britney Spears's stock may have fallen a bit. But then it may have risen, too. I mean, look at who is atop this list.

Oprah Winfrey?


I watched a little bit of that show, but as soon as I saw J-Lo outrank Mickey Mouse, I turned it off and hoped against hope I had temporarily passed thru an alternate universe...

no, the alternate universe is OPRAH being the TOP icon!! Did I miss something? Is this country mostly middle aged women baby boomers all of the sudden? No offense Michele, you're cool, but you know what I mean, i hope :)

Jennifer Lopez in the top 15??? Talk about being 10 seconds shy of her 15 minute alarm going off. This makes the list a farce FAR more than Oprah being at the top (which was an unexpected travesty.)