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then and now

I'll be doing a bunch of these during the night/morning. Feel free to send along suggestions/pictures.

Prom dresses:

Then (that's me and my sister) and now

Spiderman costumes:

Then (that's Halloween 1972) and now.


Then and now. Still beautiful after all those years.


lookin good ladies!

oy vey. i'm not the only one who sent in, am i?!

come on, you wusses!

nevermind. she's rationing them.

but send yours anyway, if you haven't already!!

Oh my God, Tanya! You're exquisite.

Nothing beats a great set of lips, eh?

(Wolf whistles...)


Tanya, no you aren't the only one! I was a good little blogger and sent in my photos..

gawd. blush