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gratuitious picture of me

Christmas night, 1971. Nine years old and I'm wearing Winnie the Pooh feeties?
And I have no idea what that gold lamè thing hanging behind me is.


Notice the yellow yarn in my hair. That was my mother's big thing. Tying our hair with yarn.



Love the wood paneling.

How cute are you???!!

I had dozens of these crocheted curlyque yarn ribbon things. My grandmother would make them, and make them, and make them...

Ooo, was it the curly twisty fat yarn? I wore that in my hair, too. Makes me think of doll hair that has gone all nappy, for some reason. Nice talking to you on IM. :)

Wow! You look just like my daughter (except for the yellow yarn)!. Or rather, she looks just like you in that photo. She'll be 10 at the end of August.

yarn in the hair was the sliced bread of the 70s. all i remember is chewing on that yarn and getting the 'foil on the fillings' feeling.