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all the news

I suppose news is part of our pop culture in that it's generally news that makes the culture. Right?

I'll spend some time during the day/night going over news of the three decades I'm covering.


1962: Prayer in school ruled as unconstitutional; Timothy Leary encourages the use of LSD for recreational purposes.

1963: JFK assasinated

1968: MLK assasinated

1969: Woodstock; man walks on the moon

Also in the 60's: Skateboard made their first appearance; people realize smoking is bad for you; Johnny Carson begins a 30 year stint on The Tonight Show; Roger Maris hits 61 home runs and....

The Green Bay Packers won the first Super Bowl.

Yes, there's more. Why don't you add some?


I like your drawing, that's cool.

In 1960, I turned a year old. News of the world, that!

I was born May 30, 1968. I have a New York Times from that day. It was two months after the assassination of MLK Jr., the moon was full, and there were riots on the streets of Paris.

And somewhere in North Carolina, 2 months ahead of time, my Mom started having contractions and hemorrhaging.

It was a miracle my twin and I survived.


Have you seen this site: http://www.sesameseventies.com/ ?

(It has nothing to do with news, but if you're writing about the seventies, you have to write about sesame street).

I couldn't find your email address on your site, or I would have sent this link to you that way.

And good luck!

1960: I was born kicking & screaming, which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the decade.

: )

The sixties -- Wasn't that the time of the Pharoas and Julius Caesar and stuff? Or were people still living in caves then? Nothing of any importance happened before 1980, I know for a fact, because otherwise I would have remembered it. The first event in recorded history was the eruption of Mt St Hellens.

After watching all those PBS documentaries on the 60s a few years ago, I finally understood that of course I'm passionate and rebellious and independent, I was born in 1968 - when at least the US seemed to be in chaos.

i remember my first skateboard. we zipped that puppy all over the sidewalks and at 2 am when the town rolled up the sidewalks for the night, we'd post look outs for the fuzz and skateboard down main street .... great hill.

life..... was sweet and certainly a lot more simple in 1960..... course, that was also the reign of camelot in the united states with the kennedys and the film camelot with richard burton and his incredible eyes.

RFK assassinated in 1968. Police riot at the Democratic Nati'l Convention in Chicago in 1968.

One quibble: people knew smoking was bad for you long before the 60s. Trivia question: when did the first successful tobacco suit happen? THAT was probably in the 60s.

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