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french insult #4 anda request

[I have to bring you a French insult every hour, in keeping with Marduk's pledge]

France is a country where the money falls apart in your hands and you can't tear the toilet paper.

- Billy Wilder

I'm working on a that was then/this is now post. A few people have sent me then/now pictures of themselves. It would be really kind of you to do the same. After all, I've been sitting here embarassing myself all morning by posting pictures of me in the stupid outfits my mother made me wear.

Come on, let us see that big hair, the purple jeans, the bellbottoms....send it along with a recent pic and you can be in the then/now gallery as well. (sent to michele@asmallvictory.net)

(The gallery will also include things like electronic equipment, toys, games, etc.)


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1:30 already! you're doing great!

My brother is scanning pics as we speak [g]

Well, it's against my better judgement but I'll see what I can dig up that hasn't yet been burned. I know I could dig up some really embarrassing stuff at my Mom's house...but I'm not going that far.

Um, I tried but some daemon thing said my mail's not welcome. I'm trying again.