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before we knew cholesterol could be bad

Now, what would be a trip through nostalgia land without mentioning Jame Lileks, the master of all nostalgia best left forgotten?

See this regretable weiner dish James writes about? That's got nothing on my mother's culinary delights of the 60's and 70's (I think she gave up her attempts at fancy cooking in the 80's).

jello.jpgEverything was a casserole or cooked in one pot. Betty Crocker's book sat on the counter and my mother consulted it daily for recipes for meals that combined things that no one ever thought to combine before. And for a good reason.

Mom - who has never tried to pass herself off as good cook - would take a roasting pan, line it with pork-n-beans, and throw a couple of hot dogs wrapped in bacon on top of the beans. She'd bake it and then toss some saurekraut on top for good measure. She called this dinner. My dad called it shit. My sisters and still laugh about it.

Unfortunately, bad food was a staple of the times and 90% of those horrid recipes had something to do with hot dogs or tuna.

Mackerel Pudding, anyone?


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I've seen the candyboots site. Possibly the most unappetizing meals ever photographed in history. My mom made this fare, too. And it was served around a kiln-fired and multi-colored glazed, ceramic bowl in the center of the kitchen table that was filled with plastic fruit and rubber vegetables.

Give me Mac-N-Cheese, any type of extra cheese, and any type of meat except bologna, and I'll give you dinner in one pot whether you like it or not. Sometimes a vegetable like corn or brocoli will make it's way in there as well.

all I'm saying is eww.