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the year was: 1968

I won't be following any kind of order here - I'll post whatever comes to mind from which decade as I go along.

[click for bigger image] That's my first grade class picture, 1968. Notice how all the girls are wearing cute jumpers. You don't see that much anymore, do you?
1968. The Record of the Year was Simon and Garfunke's Mrs. Robinson. The Best Picture Oscar went to Oliver!

I grew up on show tunes. My mother played them so much that to this day I know every word to every musical ever recorded. Not only that, but the lyrics to those tunes have been so embedded in our brains, so entwined in our daily lives, that every time someone would ask for seconds at dinner, they would invariably say "Please, sir. Can I have some more?" At which point we would all burst out into song.

We still do that. It's a sickness.

And they certainly don't make musicals like they used to.

So, do you know which one is me in that class picture?


blue dress with white stripe?

blue dress, white stripe.

bash the french! bash the french!

I'll bet you were the one in the back row, far right - you were big for your age back then....

I have pictures just like this. I'm not silly enough to post they anywhere. ;)

Hi honey!

Gawd, how is that everything makes me feel so old? 1968, the worst year of my life. I went from being one of the most popular boys in city Jr. High to being an outsider in a small inbred country all-grade school, and I never recovered from such.

There are times when I wish I did have a therapist, or that my dogs could talk back.

Definitely the blue dress, standing next to the kid in the yellow shirt.

My 1st grade picture -- also 1968 -- is in black and white. But other than that, they look very much alike!

You taught elementary school in the 60s?