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and we're off....

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[thanks to everyone who made buttons - I'll be using them all during the day. The buttons above were made by Robyn]

Ah, 24 hours of craziness, brought to you by myself, Lair and Meryl as we try to buy and amubulance for Magen David Adom. Hey, you can sponsor right up until the last minute, so if you have been putting off, head over there now!

Welcome to Blogathon 2003. For the next 24 hours, I will be using all my energy to entertain you with blasts from the past. It's a pop culture extravaganza, all in the name of charity (see sidebar for more info). You can also view of list of other participants in the Blogathon here and find out what other 'thoners are up to here. A big thank you to Cat and the Blogathon crew for putting this together for another year. It gets better each time out.

I would like to thank everyone (that long, long list on the side there) who sponsored me for this event. I promise to go the full 24 hours, even though I slept like shit last night and woke up two hours too early with a raging headache. A little coffee, a little Excedrin, I'll be fine. Make that a lot of coffee.

I'll have some guests posters along the way to break up the monotony of me, me, me every half hour (probably more than that). Feel free to add your thoughts and memories in the comments, or if you want to expand on a certain ascpect of pop culture, just write something, email it to me and I'll post it. Pictures of you participating in bad fads and ugly fashion choices would be appropriate to send as well. Don't make me go this alone. I'm outing myself as a pop culture disaster here.

zepshirt.jpgThat's me on the left, in the Led Zeppelin t-shirt and Dorothy Hamill haircut, circa 1977. Notice the very fashionable two-piece denim ensemble on my sister Jo-Anne. We were the height of coolness, I tell you.

For the purpose of this Blogathon, we'll define Pop Culture as the wide array of entertainment/mass media properties that dictated what we bought, watched, ate, wore, listened to, etc.

We'll spend the next 24 hours talking about the pop culture of the 60's, 70's and 80's - probably arguing at some point over the best line from Breakfast Club or debating the merits of Led Zeppelin lyrics.

I intend this to be an interactive, audience participation tour of the 30 years worth of my youth and money that is now sitting in a box in my parents' attic.

Because I will be posting at the very least twice every hour, most of the posts from today will scroll off the page at some point. If you missed something and want to go back to the beginning, you can view all posts here, by title, in reverse order of which they appear.

So, it's 9:00 and we are off. Hope you enjoy hanging around as much as I enjoy doing this. I also hope you are here in the wee hours when I need someone to keep me awake.

I'll be on AIM for most of the day on the screename CoffeeSavesLives.


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That's some bad hair! Good luck today! We'll be checking in from time to time.

I think that i'm starting to see that "fashionable two-piece denim ensemble" on women at work again. I guess what goes around comes around. Well, maybe not that haircut. But, uh, it looked good on you.

huzzah! ill be gone all day, poot. but ill probably be up during the night -- look forward to reading!

The only thing missing from the photo is that it's not from an angle where we can see the red , '75 Mustang in the driveway.

Just wanted to say Hi and lend my support for the day. I wish I could sponser you, alas, the life of a single mom does not allow for extra expenditures right now...:) SO my support is simply motivational and to tell yuou I HAVE to read you every day...I don't comment much but I am here..You have ag reat writing style and I am really looking forward to reading all that you have to say in the next 24 hours!


Go, 'Chele! Go 'Chele!

I'll be with you the whole way, Michele. I have cleared my calendar.

Now, remember you have to eat. And drink lots of water to offset the coffee dehydration.

Did you have a favorite board game as a kid?

I liked Mouse Trap, but it was really all about building the trap and springing it. We never actually played the game the whole way through.


Great clothes. Just a year or two away from the Farrah bangs. And I bet there's a Camaro SS parked in the driveway sporting a bumper sticker that says, "I'd rather be fuel injected than blown."

Looking forward to the next 24 hours!

Good morning, Michele! Have fun and best of luck to you today! I'll be signing on to AIM once things start winding down, so I'll check in with you, just in case you need some non-caffeinated help staying awake. I know I will.


Cheers Michele! Are you listening to 60s/70s/80s music to set the mood?

Anna, I think that bumper sticker read "Injection is nice but I'd rather be blown"

Shame on that Robyn with her 80s button -- it reminded me about my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME!!!!


Now, I'm off to find that ROM Emulator website she was kind enough to post (again, for SHAME, Robyn!) on her blog recently!

no, thank /you/ for doing this..

Oh, honey, that hair. I too had a Dorothy Hamill wedge, but since my hair is a separate, parasitic lifeform, it did (and does) whatever the hell it wants. So my "wedge" came out looking a little strange. Yours looks much better.

(In the movie The Leech Woman there's a nurse whose hair looked exactly like mine did, curled up on one side, down on the other. Mike and the bots tease her mercilessly for it.)

I would have been wearing my yellow "King Tut" shirt which I picked up, if I recall, in Branson, Missouri. I chose it over the shirt with two small strategically placed Tut masks, and the legend, "Don't touch my Tuts!" Ah, memories...

Damn you, Michele.

it's so amazing to me when people look exactly like their kids/parents. you looked so much like dj and nat. i look nothing like anyone in my family.