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until tomorrow

This is it. After I post this, I'll have dinner, watch a movie and then get to bed early.

The Blogathon starts in earnest at 9am EST tomorrow morning (that's 6am PST and I don't know what it is across the ocean).

Here are some of the fine folks who will be blogging for 24 hours in the name of charity. Visit them and lend some moral support.

Faith * Mike * BigRedGiant * Joni * Rannie * Keith * Leen * The Bitch Girls * Greg * Mary * Bozzy * Wampum * Kevin * Stupid Evil Bastard * Dave * Emily * Erika * Tom Hall

You can view the whole list of bloggers here.

See you in the morning!


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Good Morning Michele! Please consider suitable words of encouragement given.

Thanks for the plug, Michele. Good luck tomorrow!

3:00am HST; damn, that means you'll have been hard at it for four hours when I turn on the coffee.


Thanks for the link, Michele. I'll be blogging bright and early. See you soon!

dear michele,
have fun, kick ass, and thank you

Hey Michele, I had wanted to be around tomorrow to comment and keep up, but I rather air-headedly planned my own birthday celebration dinner on the same day as the blogathon... Yes, I'm a spazz

Anyways, I wanted to wish you good luck, and have fun, and I'll be cheering for you =D

Good luck today, babe! Not sure if you still need these or not -- but just in case: