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still preparing

I'm going to stop blogging for the day soon. One last post to go.

First, I have a request: If anyone would like to make me three small buttons - one each for the 60's, 70's and 80's - that I can put on each post to denote the decade of the subject, it would be greatly appreciated and you will give the little dead kittens wings when they get to heaven.

Or something like that.

Sure, I could do it myself. But that would stop me from carefully researching my theme and digging through old pictures. You wouldn't want me to be unprepared, would you?



Good luck in the Blogathon tomorrow, and congratulations for doing such an awesome job fundraising! :-)

Michele, I can make you an 80s button with a Rubik's Cube. What to do for the 70s?? Hmm.

60s, I'll have to think on that too.

Go here for your 80s button:


If there's more than one button there it means I've figured out something for the other 2 decades! See you tomorrow around the 'thon!