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be my guest

I'm knee deep in research here and I'm getting lost in the memories. Also, I am feeling mighty regretful that I said I would post photos of myself from my past.

I am soliciting guest posts for the Blogathon. Hey, I have to eat at some point! They will all keep to the theme and I hope to have some interesting people sending me their own pop culture stories. I've already roped in world-famous Roger Simon and the on-the-brink-of-fame Jim Treacher, with a possible story from rock star Dr. Frank if he can tear himself away from the studio long enough.

Got a story? Want to rant about those awful clothes you had to wear? Want to guest post? Email me.

UPDATE: Chris Muir of Day by Day will be submitting a strip to go along with the theme! And on that note, don't forget that Day by Day returns on Monday.

Bill Quick of Daily Pundit will be sending along a post as well.

New! Ben Weasel - blogger, baseball fan and punk rock star - will do a guest shot.

Makes that a stellar line-up if I do say so myself.

[Note: The guest posts will be put up in between my own posts, so it's not like I'll be doing less blogging because I have guests coming over]


I'll have to see if I can get my brother to scan in a pic I have of me in my 70's crochet vest, and headband.

you BETTER post your pics!