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memories: some of them you can live without

As part of my research for my Blogathon theme, I decided to take out my high school yearbook (Class of 1980), which dedicated a few pages to all the pop culture and news of our lives. I flipped through all the pages of the book, read all the notes from friends.

I'm going to stick my head in a bucket of chlorine now.


I did the same thing with my yearbook (although I was class of '88) and actually found it to be quite inspirational, in a weird sort of way.

You've GOT to see this ESPN article on Yankee memories. The caption for Orosco is great.

For another great article, Michele, please look at my friend's essay "Thank God for Jesse Orosco". We baseball-loving geezers in our 40's will definitely appreciate it.

Class of 80. We were the ones responsible for forcing the administration into "closed campus", because we were such troublesome brats.

I threw my yearbooks away years ago. I have no desire to relive the worst four years of my life. Seriously. They were awful. Every year since then has been a bounteous blessing by comparison.

Bitter? Me?

Oh my lord. Hicksville. Talk about a cursed name. That's almost as bad as Gaylord, MN.


[geezer]Hey, young'un[/geezer]

Class of '80?? Bah!

"Sex and drugs are mighty fine.
So is the Class of '79."



In reference to the sixties:

"Don't ever do that again because it almost worked!"

-Jell-o Biafra

and the 80's

Any quote from any song off of "give me convenience or give me death" or "bedtime for democracy"...

The best part is that out of all of these quotable quotes whether you voted for reagan, nixon, mondale, bush, dukakis, or hitler the message is still relevant and makes the truth so much stranger than the fiction you bought back then.