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folding up the road map

I was over at Honest Reporting, looking for an article that Ara writes about today (more on that in a second) when I came across this - Study Reuters Headlines [A one-month study of Reuters headlines reveals clear bias in Reuters' Mideast coverage.]

Some damning evidence there, the conclusion of which is: Reuters' obvious message? Israel is the aggressor, and Palestinians are the victims. Go read.

So, Ara writes about another Honest Reporting article, which "presents a comprehensive review of 4 major diplomatic/security concerns, and the media's treatment of these issues."

He then lists the concerns and explanations and sums up:

So...let's summarize:

Abbas is paying the terrorists not to attack; Arafat is paying them to attack. Either way, terrorists are making a lot of money.

The road map obligates the Palestinians to crack down on terrorists; instead, the Palestinians are demanding their release.

As the prime ministers travel to Washington, we wonder: Is something wrong here?

I don't wonder, I know.

Just some food for thought for your day.