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let me entertain you - with your help

As you know, my theme for the Blogathon is Pop Culture of My Youth (which spans the 60's, 70's and 80's).

This will include movies, music, books, products, fads, toys, food, television, commercials, celebrities, etc.

I need links. I need stories. I need personal anecdotes of those times. Also, if you are a brave soul, I would love to have a picture of you from any of those years. I'll also be posting pictures of myself in the various ridiculous clothing fads of those times, so I won't be making fun of you alone. Really.

So get cracking. Start compiling those best of/worst of lists. Start going through your photo albums and vinyl collection. The more you help me out, the more likely I am to entertain you for 24 hours straight.

Also, I will be needing (im)moral support to stay awake for that whole time, as I've recently discovered the joys of sleeping (having been an insomniac for most of my life, this joy is newly found and deeply loved).

I will be on AIM for the whole evening, using the screen name CoffeeSavesLives. Feel free to IM me at anytime to chat, or give suggestions, or to kick me to make sure I'm awake.


I don't remember any anecdotes, so they were probably pretty good.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Leg warmers. Spandex. The Traci Ullman/Paul McCartney video. Duran Duran and eye makeup for men. I'll have more and I know where to find you.

Anecdote: 1988...I'd returned to university. I was sitting in a Sociology class and the rather younger person next to me asked, "Who's Richard Nixon?" Just think...now 18 year olds will be asking "Who's Ronald Reagan?"

Coffee sure could have saved some lives here this morning! Where are you??????

I'm off today. Hurry, go make coffee for Judge Gartner before he gets the shakes!

I thought you were a 1/2 day today?! :)

providing I'm not too hung-over from birthday-eve, I'll be online and chatting with you.....

sigh the '80's. Hair-metal, high-school and REALLY bad pop-music (not that it's gotten any better...)

the highlights: first time I saw AC/DC, Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth all bands I'd still go see today.

lowlights: first time I saw Poison, Slaughter and White Lion. [shudder]

If I had a scanner, I'd scan in one of my really bad pics of me with long hair, a Metallica shirt and a painters hat (you know, those cheezy paper hats) on backwards...... worst. picture (of me). ever. I still keep it to remind me what a doofus is.

Your youth spanned the 60's, 70's and 80's? My condolences.
Hey, wait a minute, so did mine. Oh my God! I am a souless minion of the apathetical generation! Quick, someone play some Don Henley so my soul can be saved.
Good luck on your Blogathon.

I've got four words for you:

Boone's Farm Strawberry Wine.

I almost dry heaved just writing that.

Black Oak Arkansas
love beads (as room dividers)
"Smoke on the Water"
tie-died tee-shirts (done at home. in boiling water with rit dye and rubberbands)
lime green eyeshadow (God help me)
Nehru jackets
"Toys in the Attic"

Grand Funk Railroad.

I will try to IM you for a while though I can't go entire night anymore.
Do you remember the Paul is Dead craze?
that is one thing you can't do with CD's, play them backwards.
I will try to think of more, my memory hasn't been the same since all those drugs in college in the 70's. Man there were tons. I remember going to a party, I guess I was a freshman and this guy had a baggy full of reds (seconol) that he was handing out like mints.

Jeans. Bleaching them, wearing them in a hot bathtub for hours to shrink them to skin tight, ripping them up the sides and putting in godawful inserts to make them bellbottoms, stone then acid washed horrors, the great Lee vs. Levi controversies, being banned in schools because "the metal studs scratch the desks" (circa 1968), and the worst abomination of all denim history: JEANS SKIRTS.

Will attempt to come up with something appropos to both the theme (pop culture of a bygone era) and the expectations of my readership (something about being in Iraq.) Unsure if you want it, but Meryl's guilt-tripping me again (well, me and everybody else), and feel a need to contribute somehow.