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as luck would have it

In a stroke of wonderful luck, the kids are gone and off to Boston with their father for the weekend.

Lucky, I say, because I cannot imagine trying to blog for 24 hours straight with the kids home.

Mom, is your butt stuck to the computer chair? Mom? Moommmmmm? We haven't eaten all day!

So it's just me and the man until late Sunday evening. Ahhh, bliss. I mean, I love my children, but summer wreaks havoc on our relationship. It's good to send them out the door once in a while.

Oh, they'll be at Fenway this weekend. If any of you Boston people are going to the games, you best not mess with two kids in Yankees gear.

Wow. The house is clean and quiet. Just me and my husband. It's time to do what was meant to do at 10:30 on a Thursday night when there is no one begging you for food or drink or just ten more minutes on the computer or another game of Yankee Monopoly.

I'm going to sleep. Because I can. Hah! Who's the boss now?


You are so full of shit.




Please just remind your kids not to judge all Boston fans by some of what they are sure to encounter in Fenway this weekend. I'm talking about the "Jeter swallows" stuff and a whole lot more.

It may get really ugly.

Ed, I told them not to judge the Fenway fans by any goons they encounter, unless they would think it fair for them to be judged by the goon-ish Yankee fans that abound at the Stadium.

I think they got the point.

(This is their third trip to Fenway)

you're sending us MORE Yanks fans?? damnit, girl, there are enough of them here.... leave us alone!

the good part is that you're own children will be on hand to watch the Sox kick the Yankees ass all over the best stadium in baseball! :-P