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blogging news

I've been remiss in mentioning a lot of things while I wallowed in the Kobe mess.

I'll add to this post as the night goes on.

  • Notorious Blog is holding a short story contest, with a real cash prize! I'll entering and I hope none of you do because I don't want any competition.


  • Taking a break from shilling for my own blogathon charity: There are many people participating in the blogathon who don't have any sponsors yet. If you are looking to sponsor someone other than me please go here and take a look at the list of bloggers who could use a couple of donations.

  • I know there are some media type people reading this blog, specifically some people in the field of publishing. One of you ought to scoop up this story by Bigwig while it's still up for the scooping. A prominent place in a magazine, that's what it deserves.


Hmmmmmmmmmm. I wish I had a decent short story to put in.


FTR, I would like to state that I am not the "Bigwig" from Silflay Hraka. While "Bigwig" and "Thlayli" both refer to the same character from Watership Down, I have never used the former as a pseudonym. I claim no credit for anything posted on Silflay Hraka.

"I'll entering and I hope none of you do because I don't want any competition."

Hopefully the competition won't have proofreaders. ;-)

I'm in the short story contest now. Don't know how I'll do, but I'm in it. smooch