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your search cannot be completed

Look at this crap. Just look at it.

[click for larger image]

To everyone coming here looking for the above items.

You will not find the name of Bryant's alleged victim.
You will not find a picture of her.
You will not find the URLs to the disgusting sites that do have those items.
Do not leave your vile comments and views about rape and women in general here.
Leave and don't come back because - judging by the comments and emails - most of you are just looking for a) a cheap thrill; b) to defend Bryant with all the clarity and grammatical skills of a hamster; c) to get the photo so you can put on your Bryant jersey and engage is some sick fantasy jack-off session pretending you are Kobe or d) you want to chastise me for saying Bryant is a fuckwad for cheating on his wife because, well, everyone does it!

Now take your box of tissues and go elsewhere for you perverted enjoyment.

UPDATE: John, Mike and A, all of whom are the same person and, unfortunate to say, hail from right here on Long Island, have been banned. So long, guy(s)!


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If you go to my site, you'll see that I'm having the exact same problem. I was forced to take down the images associated with my posting because my image host complained. Almost 10,000 hits today, almost 20,000 yesterday -- nearly all looking for pictures of Bryant's accuser.

Makes me sick, frankly.

You can find it here.


I think you put that on the wrong post, buddy.

It is bittersweet for me to see A Small Victory getting 20 hits in two hours from search engines. I've been getting 20 hits every two minutes for the same reasons. But still nice to see someone complaining about it along with me.

Down with Kobe!! Down with Adultry!

I need to introduce you to one of my new best friends -- this list. It makes it much harder for search engines to pick up names like Kobe's if you type them out by their HTML numerical ID rather than the word itself. (You'll see what I mean when you read this comment with his name typed out correctly on your site vs. the HTML it sends you in the comment e-mail.) Sick bastages...

Nope scroll down...pics of kobe accuser, email, phone , ect

I deleted the link, jackass. Now get lost.

WHy its public knowledge at this point. As the Radio DJ said its not a sexual crime but Rape is a violence crime and if Kobe can be named so can she.

Delete this post as you may but dont post that it cant be found...lthats a out and out lie....

Love the satellite pic of her house....freedom of the press. If the accused can be named so can the accuser....double standards have no place in our society

Of course these nitwits also need to remember that the media is reporting one of the "victim's" names, addresses, phone numbers, and photographs released yesterday got the WRONG GIRL. Who cares if it's public knowledge. This is Michele's site. She's paying for the hosting and bandwidth. And she can link what she darn well pleases unless you want to start sending her checks for your content...

Ok, jackass. I never said that it couldn't be found. I said it couldn't be found HERE. Which it won't.

I always thought u were even handed... now i see that shaping the world as u see fit is the way to go. Being fair and even dosnt necessarly fit ur agenda...


Don't forget to catch the link in mike@aol.com 's most recent entry. I'm busy deleting them from my comments now (which thankfully I have the script in where I approve them before they post)...

These people may have two legs, but they're roaches just the same.


Please...this is public information...why are u acting like its not? I dont see people not sheltering Kobe from the press or his family so I dont see why the accuser gets any different treatment. From what some friends have said she is someone who didnt seem to upset by it afterwards..

Damn, he got that last one in under the gun.

Honey, even-handed is one thing. Broadcasting an alleged rape victim's home address is another.

Now, go play in traffic.

Good lord. An invasion of Kobe Tards. Time to bring out the TCP/IP Death Ray again. Set to stun at first, of course. Because that's more fun.

Its all public records...so is Kobe information...so is any of our information through public records...i

TCP/IP death ray...not nice to suggests acts of destruction.

I am wondering -- who are these Kobetards? What kind of person goes to all that touble, and that is a lot of trouble for a non-English speaker, to defend an adulterous accused rapist??

The Same people I imagine who defends the rights of all of us. Being accused of something does not mean anything. Once the trial begins the facts will come out and a jury of our peers will decide his guilt or innocents. I dont think a "scarlet letter" should be branded on someone who is willing to beleive he is "innocent till proven guilty" is a bad thing. Slinging insults and name calling only lowers the bar in which a fair exchange of ideas can take place

To me I beleive Kobe is entitled to the same rights as are other people who have been accused.

Wow, these are some of the worst trolls I've ever seen.

Frankly, I'm a bit shocked at that search engine list, and at these comments. The stupidity, the vapidity ... wow. That's all I can say.

i thought i didn't have a life...

... and obviously i'm not talking about the normal people here.

You go girl!

It's a lovely night to be vaporized.

Michele - I was a bit surprised to see the same search strings on my site as well; I haven't even blogged about the Kobe issue! I wish these people would learn to use Google or something for this kind of shit.

"small girl sex"?


Perhaps a brief moratorium on pictures of Natalie is in order here....

"Please...this is public information...why are u acting like its not? I dont see people not sheltering Kobe from the press or his family so I dont see why the accuser gets any different treatment."

My legal expertise couldn't fill a shot glass, but to my knowledge, the accused has a right to face his accuser--does that mean that the public does?

Good for you, Michele.

These idiots are ignoring one glaringly evident fact. Perhaps they've been blinded by it. It's YOUR site to do with as you please. YOU dictate its content, including the comments you wish to appear here. They act like you are depriving them of some God-given right. They are entitled to NOTHING here except what you want them to see.

In a nutshell: You go girl!

I still haven't mustered any hits, even with the Kobe scandal.

Bittersweet, indeed.

what does "small girl sex" have anything to do with Kobe Bryant? in a while when the trial gets under way, people are gonna get too much of the accuser. they should brace themselves now by masturbating to Carmen Electra, not the accuser, might as well masturbate to kobe himself.

lakers suck anyways...

Apparently your 15 minutes have arrived and we are supposed to feel bad for you...


As a brit I'm almost glad to say I've never even heard of Kobe (except that it's a town in Japan that had an earthquake 8+ years ago) :0

Seems like more then "one guy from long island" feel that Kobe accuser should face the same treatment as Kobe. He has not been found guilty of anything yet some of you are ready to fry him.

As far as a pic is not unusual. How many people wanna see a pic of the man who did the shooting at city hall yesterday or see a picture of Saddams dead sons.

Selt serving remarks such as Jodi are pointless. Prehaps on your site (if you even have one) you love to censor but on this site I dont usually see ot/

Woah. These folks are scary. Pissed off about something that doesn't involve you at all, much?

And why do I get the sneaking suspicion that all of these folks crying about "public info" aren't interested in the greater good so much as in figuring out how close this chick lives to them so that they can maybe "express themselves" via vandalism, violence or threats?

Nah, that's crazy talk.

You can smell the teenage rationalization in the air. These trolls are coming dangerously close to invoking a Godwin.

In lighter news, I'm making a blueberry pie this weekend. Who wants pie?

".."express themselves" via vandalism, violence or threats?"

Tracey. I think you are off base. Your statement can not be farther from the truth for most who beleive in the fairness of the process. No one here has expressed any ill wishes on the accuser. It obvious that she has a history of problems and I for one do not wish nor ever would resort to that. As posted by others earlier, I beleive Kobe is entitled to a fair trial and that should include being able to have ones accuser come forward and face to world as well.

You may disagree with it but it seems to me that if you were accused of Molesting a small child, or being accused of beating children and were known nationwide for that, then you would would also want to be treated as innocent till proven guilty and Im sure you wouldnt accuse the suporters of a fair process of looking to "express themselves" via vandalism, violence or threats?" would you?

I won't hesitate to villify Bryant's nuts into his nostrils for adultery, but ultimately it is up to the courts, not the public, to decide the case.

Yes adultry is wrong. But he is entitled to a fair trial as you said.

I just wish people would give him the right to a fair trial and also that some people who stop linking fair trial to Kobe supporter as I hope some people will stop linking knowing who the accuser is to looking to hurt her.

Let's remember that Kobe is a multimillionaire, and will receive a defense on these charges that most of us could only dream of. His rights have not been violated. Indeed, it is demonstrable that he has been treated better by the police, the district attorney, and the media than 99% of the rest of us would have.

He's admitted to adultery. For that he should receive a measure of derision and scorn. He's also, by that admission, a proven liar and cheat.

Ummmmm, pie.

What gets me is that if this was a normal Joe, this wouldn't be a problem; you would never have heard a word from the media (vultures). But because this person runs up and down a court, and throws balls in a basket, and makes more money than thousands of other people put together a year, these "people" rush to his defense and are ready to crucify the victim. It makes no sense to me.

Imperial Keeper

It's happened at my site, too. I understand what you're going through. Blah for stupid people.

The majority of people accused or rape would not make the cover of a magazine. I think the fact that it is a famous person is lending itself to people thinking that since he makes more money then GOD then he should be held to a higher standard. Say what you will right now he has not been convicted in a court of law and as such is innocent . He is only accused of a crime. Until such time he is convicted then he should be allowed to live his life without been branded a rapist until such time he is convicted.

To be really fair, these trolls should want Kobe's email address and phone number as well.

Drew -

Sorry to paint with the broad brush, but when you look at the comments on the previous post here, I think that the conclusion I came to about the motives of some of these people is more than valid.

I'm all for letting the courts decide, Drew. Wish I could say the same for people who are throwing the "bitch" term around in regards to someone they don't know a damn thing about...

Agreed.,...just as his rights to a fair trial need to be protected so do her rights not to be harassed. I beleive that just as accused (Kobe's) name is released so should the accusor.

The case is now part of the public record and as such we have a right to know. The majority of people may disagree with this but once you see "The People of Eagle v. Kobe..." it becomes part of the public record.

Who's Kobe Bryant? I had never heard of him at all until I read the story on this site.

Yes, I'm serious. And no, I don't follow any professional sports and don't care about the lives of excess led by professional athletes.

How again is broadcasting this woman's picture, phone number, address, and details of her life contributing to Kobe's right to a fair trial? I suggest that some of these people do a little reading about trials, the law, etc. before they start spouting random words that dont' mean anything if you know what you're talking about. Whether or not he did something punishable by law is up to a prosecutor, a judge, and a jury of his peers. Not to his fans.

Releasing the name (and address, phone number...) of the alleged victim doesn't make a trial "fair" in any way. It only allows the public -- who is not involved in the trial, which will take place in a courtroom, not on TV or radio or weblogs -- to harrass her and violate her rights to privacy.

One could argue that all this press is violating Kobe's right to privacy, but as a public figure, Kobe has a reduced right to privacy. That's not an opinion, that's a court-ruled fact, as evidenced by the higher bar set for public figures in libel cases.

Yes, the alleged victim's name and address may be released once the case is made public record -- but not necessarily. In cases of rape/sexual assault, the identities of victims are often kept private, in order to avois subjecting them to the glare (and scorn, in the case of the "Kobe Tards") of the public eye.

So anyone who is interested in knowing any information about Kobe's accuser even if it is only her name is a "Kobetard". How does not releasing her name allow the defense prepare. What if her name is released and I have information that may clear the accused. If I never knew that name of his accuser I would never think to provide this information to him.

I guess what I am trying to say without sounding like im "trolling" is that isnt the purpose of releasing the name of the accuser is to allow people to come forward and testify either on behalf of the accuser or to contradict the accuser?

i'm pretty sure if her defense needs a characer witness, they'll call a close friend, a family member, a co-worker even. they won't post her picture out on the internet.

if u know her, and they need u, then they'll pay u a visit or call. if not, then don't worry about her picture being out on the web, because it's none of your business.

Sure as hell is. That's why trials take place in Public Court Rooms and they charges were released to the public and the proceedings hopfully will be shown on Courtv. I guess releasing Kobe name was part of our buisness now ever? Right...

I'm sure you have an answer to that one to right eric?

The point that you seem to have skipped over is that how is the defense or people who may have something to testify to, are suppose to know about each other unless her name is released. What if she was on vacation last year and someone can testify to her character. then again some of her friends are already coming out of the wood work to say that she may not be the sweet innocent victim that some are making her out to be.

Prehaps the Courts or you eric can release to us what crimes we can follow and have opinions on.


Yep, I've had the same problem over the past two days. Hit rate went from about 15/day to 1500/day.

But now I'm reaching close to 2000 hits on the page that announces to anyone within earshot of these clowns' computers that they're searching for pix of a (possible) sexual assault victim. Already got my first piece of hate mail too. Maybe he got fired, or his girlfriend left him for being scum.

I certainly hope so.

I'd like to know where I can pick up my free Kobe? Those bastards stiffed me on my free Mumia!

considering this study show 50% of all rape reports are false the public has every right to know who she is


they'll call, e-mail, or pay a visit to people who came in contact with her while on her supposed vacation. nice spelling by the way.

put her picture on the web, and you'll get a bunch of attention-seeking people saying they saw her while she was on vacation gettin it on with a guy in the stall of a bathroom of a club. how are the girls lawyers supposed to believe someone who heard about her on the internet? because of course, NOBODY lies about who they are on the internet right?

you're right, the public has a right to know who she is, but that doesn't mean she has to be posted on the internet. this trial will probably be the biggest one of the year, you'll get enough of her from television. the public won't be kept in the dark about this. that's a fact.

no need for the web.

aside from deflecting to a spelling issue how would they be able to? I mean do we know who she is? How do i know that I could be of help? Considering the link to the study above I say make all the information available.

Nap Time Eric...buh bye

The Web is a part of life. Stories can be checked out by both sides and I am sure that if it dosnt hold water it will never make the stand.

The web is a way that people get information now adays...check cnn, fox news, abc news, ect and you will see that. In addition so are public records. If the web was not a useful tool I am sure that government agencys would not be using it as well right? If you beleive gov't agencys belong on the web then so does official records such as indictments. I mean dont states now post sex offenders personal information on the web?

Anonymous, I'm sure Kobe's waiting with bated breath for you to come rescue him because you must have seen this girl on spring break at Senor Frog's. It's gonna happen once you see her name and face on the web. Maybe you two can be best friends and you can sit in the front row of all his games.

funny how MD you resort to slander when you lack substance to post

we all know her now anyway....u sure ur initals arent realy KF?

One person's slander is another person's making fun of someone else's lack of substance.

How does the supposed fact that "50% of all rape reports are false" support your contention that the public has a right to know who she is? If this report is false, she will be prosecuted. Then her name should be released to the general public -- but not until it's been verified that it's false.

so much for innocent till proven guilty. The fact that 50% chance that she is full of sh*t should more then ever make this a public discussion.

But I agree you lack both Substance and are full of slander there ms KF..or is it md?

wouldn't catch me dead at a lakers game unless they were playin a Texan team. like i said 3 times before, if ur needed, u will be contacted. if u come to them saying u know her becuz the girl u saw vacationing is her, they'll slam a door the door in ur face.

answer me this: are there more people out there actually wanting info to help Kobe out? or are there more people out there lookin for things such as "small girl sex" ?

try going up to kobe's lawyers and tellin them, "hey u know that girl on the internet? i saw her down in Cancun last year, man she's a slut"

Kobe's a millionaire, an icon. you won't make it past security with that cock and bull story.

I'm assuming that you're referring to the accuser's initials, and supposing that I am that person. If that's the level you're playing on, then I don't think I need to do this anymore. It was amusing for a bit, but you're an asshat. Make sure you post back and tell me how I'm slandering you again. It's actually more like libel since it's written. And truth is a complete defense to libel.

ur full of shit i want to see this bitch

Ah texas the state where even a Governor cant stop an execution for more then 30 days (not that he would want to)

Little Eric you are so ignorant that its sad. But your right the little princess was the victim of a big bad Kobe whos some how felt the need to stray from his wife and rape a 19 year old. Further more there is no way that anyone who have any information that could help Kobe because hey we all know that Kobe's team will be able to find everyone on there own who can help there case. No need for us to call them they will call us.

Thank God some sites and people still believe in the freedom of speech (thats in effect in Texas I beleive little eric?) and published her name....

No wonder Texas leads the country in death penalty cases...Guilty till proven innocent..

I think Rush is on the Air now little eric dont forget your Bush pillow

bye bye

personally, I think it's funny that this anonymous guy is trying to out wit eric, since he can't even put together a sentence correctly. He's calling Eric ignorant? And what's this bye bye crap? Is that an attempt at smugness?

I don't know whether this Kobe cat is guilty or innocent, but, he has a right to face his accuser IN COURT. The law says nothing about the accuser having to be dragged through the mud in the MEDIA, or the public at large. Yes, they make the cases public alot of times, and people are able to sit in on cases, that's why Court TV is aloud to record alot of these cases. But, the public at large only has the right to know who the accuser is AT THE TRIAL, and the accuser does have the right to his or her privacy legally. With the advent of instant access to media world wide though, unfortunately, keeping your privacy is hard. But, there is no law saying that the Public has a right to know anything. And especially not personal information like her address and phone number. Get real people, Your rights end where other's begin!!

And nothing says we cant know who Kobe's accuser is...thank god some site have published the accusers name.

Nice remarks Xavier..now go along and play in some traffic .

I do hope this posting was up to your standards for writing and grammer. If not you can go suck on some carbon dioxide.

bye bye

Texas is hard on criminals, i'm proud of that. if they lead the nation in executions, so be it.

Last time i checked, lawyers were paid to find people that might clear the defendants name. never have i heard of a defense calling out to the public for help. if they need you, they'll call u. for the 4th time get it through ur thick skull.

50 bucks says u voted for Bush

if i assume correctly, most of you guys are mature adults. so if i'm right, then yes, i am "little". i'm 16, used to be in alex's english class. u have yet to discourage me or prove me wrong. me, a 16 year old.

do all of us a favor and put a .45 to ur temple, we won't miss ur weak arguments.

I followed a seach engine link here looking for more info on Tom Leykis, the radio talk show host that named Bryant's accuser.

I do think Kobe is a scum-bag for cheating on his wife and will wait for the details and the trial to make up my own mind about the alleged crime. However, I must agree with Mr. Leykis' choice to make the name of the accuser public. It is a sad fact of life that public interest often governs the unwritten rules of journalistic integrity, but that is exactly the case. It is my personal belief that if one person is going to make public accusations possesing the capability to ruin another person's life, then that accuser hads thereby forefietted their right to remain anonymous. This is only amplified when the accused is someone of mass public interest.

I am sure you have received your share of lewd and outright moronic comments, but I would hope you would leave this topic open for (intelligent) discussion and debate. Also, people searching for the pictures and other info about the accuser should not be condemned simply based on that action.

It is human nature to be curious, and with a high-profile case like this, curiosity is most definitly high.

Later on.

For what it's worth, I took a look at the supposed study referred to above which cited that 50% of rape allegations are false.

To put it bluntly, the study-- statistically speaking-- is drivel. The sample size is too small and demographically skewed to allow any meaningful conclusions.

Wow put a gun to the head and kill oneself? Eric at age 16 you have some serious issues if you resort to asking one to go kill themselves. Prehaps we should notify your parents wish so much ill on others. Its the summer and why are you spending your days on the computer. Prehaps going outside and working on your social interaction skills with children your age might help. It may even let you find a "special someone" to let out all this pent up anger.

Good Luck.

i do have a special someone for your information. and the bit about the gun was just used for emphasis, maybe you should spend YOUR time looking up the word exaggeration...go ahead and notify my parents, see what they tell u.

as for anger? i have none. friends? i have plenty. i'm not even home most of the time, it's just that i come home when i get hungry. that's when i post.