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new york news: shooting at city hall

Looks like someone was fed up with Bloomberg:

A man opened fire with a gun inside City Hall this afternoon, and sources tell NY1 three police officers have been injured. There are also reports a City Councilman was shot, but those reports have not yet been confirmed.

According to NY1 reporter Michael Scotto, who was in City Hallís Blue Room at the time of the shooting, up to 12 shots were heard coming from the second floor of the building shortly after 2 pm.

They've shut down traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, the northbound FDR Drive, parts of Chambers Street and Broadway have been closed while they look for "a man in a blue suit."

Good luck with that.


yeah, ok, so i should have checked here first...

Actually it appears it was an attack on some specific city council official by a colleague.

If it really was targeted at Bloomberg he'd prolly be dead, despite all the bans on handguns and security measures post-Sept. 11.

Heeeeyyyyy!!!!! How'd that happen? Didn't the guy know that handguns are illegal in that part of NY? Looks like we need some new laws to prevent this type of thing from happening again.

I've been sitting here, refreshing your site because I knew you worked at a Courthouse somewhere in NYC (?)

I'm just glad you're all right.

Councilman Davis is reported dead. Two wounded. Still unk where gunman is.

I don't think it was an attack on Bloomberg either. Believe me, if someone was set on shooting him, it wouldn't be all that difficult. I was in the Citicorp Building on 53rd street a couple months ago and him and Ray Kelly were having a huge news conference in there. I walked into the building on my lunchbreak without being stopped by any security and had a perfect view right over the balcony down onto the press conference. Anyone could have walked in with a gun and busted off some shots. And anyone with halfway decent aim could have pegged Bloomie.

A guy here in my office is theorizing as we speak that the shooter was the spurned gay lover of Jerry Davis and it was a crime of passion...Everyone has diarrhea of the mouth around here.

Great, I'm never going to get home tonite. I need that FDR drive.

Latest transportation bulliten down here:

Posted: 7/23/03 5:14:47 PM

Due to a Police Investigation at City Hall, riders should expect significant delays and some route diversions on the following bus routes:

M9, M15, M22, M103

All Staten Island Express Bus Routes that normally begin their routes at Trinity Street and Rector Street, will now begin at the FDR between South and Civic Centre.

All subway services has been restored. Residual delays remain.

Thats very interesting