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blogathon preparations

I'm getting ready. Only two full days of stocking up on supplies left.

First, if you are participating in the blogathon, please leave your name, URL and the charity you are blogging for in the comments. I'd like to make a list of other bloggers to visit during that evening, especially all of you who are on my blogroll.

Second, I'm still looking for specific topics for the theme of Pop Culture of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Also, I would very much like some bloggers to scan and send me pictures of themselves from any of those eras, preferably a picture showing some sort of pop culture of the day, especially horrid fashion fads.

Now, a word from the wise to those who are 'thonning and have never done it before. With my vast one-time experience, I will tell you to start stocking up on supplies now. My supplies so far include: coffee, granola bars, mini snickers bars, Peach Snapple, cigarettes, sour candy, Basic 4 cereal and fruit.

I also have dark rum, as I've rediscovered the joys of rum and coke (ok, it's rum and cherry/vanilla coke now, and I no longer will drink clear alcoholic liquids thanks to the doctorly advice of a reader who, it appears, knows what he's talking about as I was recently reminded that vodka is nasty stuff).

Last word of advice: If you are drinking alcohol during the 'thon, wait until the wee hours to start drinking. I probably won't touch the stuff until about 1am (EST) and I suggest you wait also, or the 12th hour will find you passed out on the couch and you will awake with not only a hangover, but with the shame that comes from disappointing everyone that had faith in you that you could be stupid enough to blog for 24 hours straight. Also, alternate alcoholic drinks with water and coffee. Drunk, wired and running to the bathroom every ten minutes: it adds a flavor of excitement to your posts, I swear.


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I'm sure you have it added already, but don't forget 80's hair bands

what about 70's now hairless bands?

You already know this, but I'm always up for more blegging. My charity and entry: The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation For Autism</>

With 0 years experience I'm not in a position to give advice from experience, but it is my belief that you should not go charging out of the gate, and peak too early. Working into a groove is my plan...

I'm participating as a first timer this year. Here's the info you asked for:

Les Jenkins
Association for International Cancer Research.

I have all a vague idea of what the hell I'll be blogging about during the 24 hours, but I'll be giving it my best shot. I have asked folks to send me any Burning Questions they might be interested in having me answer, but apparently I haven't inspired many burning questions in anyone as no one has sent me a single question yet. Oh well, I'll use the tried and true technique of "winging it" and see what happens!

I also have dark rum, as I've rediscovered the joys of rum and coke

Cuba libre! How rum and coke were meant to be consumed.

Thanks for the advice. I've stocked up on Rootbeer, Cheetos and Chocolate. The basics. ;)

I'm participating in the Blogathon. Here is the info you requested:

Name: Melissa
Blog: anything but ordinary
Blogathon Blog: Writing for a Reason
Charity: ALSA


This blogathon thing sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad I work weekends, or else I'd do it.

First timer here:

Steve Brannen
blogging for http://www.bookaid.org

I'm going to be posting short stories every hour, and status updates every 30 minutes.

I'll be going at it as a first-timer. The Published Thought Bubbles of Tom Hall is my blog and my charity is the AICR.

First time participant in the Blogathon, hoping to raise $3000 to help a poor child with a heart birth defect have surgery in India. I've raised $876 and am confident of getting to my target.

The theme - "A story of Memetic Evolution"

Will focus on eMarketing trends of the future, and relate them to my experience with marketing online since 1995.

Drop in when you find a moment on July 26-27.

Best wishes

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
Blogging to save a child's heart!

Know more about me?
(two hyphens after the B, thanks)

There's a huge archive of TV commercials from the '80s at http://www.x-entertainment.com/downloads/

Perhaps you could get some inspiration there.

What's the deal with clear alcohol?

I'm thinking I need M&Ms (large bag), another box of Gobstoppers (nearly out), pretzels, more Coke, some veggies for dinner on Saturday (trip to Tom's Produce Stand is on the list for tomorrow). I cut up the celery, because for some reason, when I've been up forever, the only thing I want to clear my palate is celery and salad greens.

No alcohol for me. It would tire me out far too much.

Alas, the wire basket I ordered from the restaurant supply shop did not come, so I can't make my homemade potato chips on Friday to munch on on Saturday. I'll have to settle for store-bought.

I just got my comments spammed by a guy named marcos ...

... he's targeting us via Google (I used his query to find you) ...

so I'm warning everyone. Forgive me if you've already got blocks in place.

There is a simple solution to block this putz you can apply to your .htaccess file over at Eliot Landrum's blog:


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