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The Happy liberal scavenger hunt

Brought to you by Winds of Change

If any of our readers can find posts by Liberal bloggers who are celebrating the demise of Saddam's sons, and show genuine happiness about it - regardless of what else is in their post - please drop me an email (joe. I'm at windofchange.net) or leave a note in the Comments section. It's important to a future post. Thanks!

He clarifies: I mean Liberal, of any shade. If they're actually anti-war but genuinely happy, then that's worthy of special note and please so indicate.

Go scavenge!


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The American Prospect vial their Tapped blog


I'm not a Blogger but I am a liberal. Please see my comments on the "Bleeding Hearts" item to see how I feel about Fric 'n Frac's fate.

If Michele and her smirky pals have their "Pin the Label on the Dissenters" fun wrecked for even a second, it'll make my day!


Lizard Queen is fanatically leftist/liberal, completely knee-jerk anti-war, and she does say that she'd hoped they'd be taken alive for information--but she's genuinely happy about it, even if grudgingly so.

Oops, wrong link above.

Try this one.


I was happy for the nameless Mosul shopkeeper or bootleg videotape merchant who pocketed a cool 30 million. Does that count? I mean, I wasn't disappointed that they were shot up and burned, but that's just the mood stabilizers talking. My post was more on the desire to post about it, and a brief guide on how to do so.


God, I love the brevity of blogspot archived links.

I'm glad their dead, not happy, things like that don't make me happy. Pretty girls in stockings make me happy.
Many think i'm liberal because I'm anti-Bush. They think I'm anti-war simply because of that fact.
I want no part of either political party os both resemble bickering schoolchildren.
Glad yes, but then I'm not going to post 7+ entries about it.

erm, i'm liberal and i'm glad that they're dead. liberals CAN be agains saddam and his regime and against the war at the same time =X anyway, i've posted something about it on my site.

Were that he was sincere about this. After seeing the great den Beste collection and the intelligentsia commenting at the Spoons Experience, I'm thinking that some of these guys will be disaappointed when they have to look beyond the oft-quoted Hesiod and DU and find something that doesn't meet their preconceived notions of liberals as antiwar haters of America.

Jane, they don't think of "liberals" as haters of America, only the left-wing fringe.

I'm a Calvinist and I think they got what they deserved...

wah-wah! ;-)

Does this qualify?

It's not hard if you just know where to look!

There's a blog, titled "Just Left of Center", where you can find
this post.