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...but the name of the wicked will rot

[Via Instapundit] Tacitus has an email from a marine stationed in Bagdhad regarding the demise of Q and U:

Then, suddenly, about 9 PM, it sounds like the early days of American troops pouring in here, i.e. real-live combat: gunfire everywhere, tracer rounds visible, even illumination (a.k.a. fireworks). The people of Baghdad weren't awaiting confirmation. It was nonstop celebratory fire. The war's critics warned constantly about the uprising of the "Arab street." Well, here it was: celebrating the end of 2/3 of the triumvirate.

He concludes by saying For us, it was the best news here since April 9 and perhaps a turning point.

Ok lefties: ready, set, SPIN!


i like like to think of the two saddam juniors
as saddams balls
so basically we just
blew up his balls
now all we have to do is cut off his prick

i know i am so lady like

Fisk is spinning it already.

Take it from me, if the Iraqis were firing off their small arms after the news of the Evil twins death, they were celebrating. No wonder the news media didn't show this. I thought Iraq was in the midst of a coup when they beat the Kuwaitis in the Gulf soccer play offs in the 80s, every Iraqi fired any firearm he could get.