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Rangel: we broke the law

Charles Rangel (D-NY) is outraged that the United States "illegaly" murdered "two bums."

"We tried to assassinate Castro and we paid dearly for it," Rangel contended. "And when you personalize the war and you say you're killing someone's kids, then they, in turn, think they can kill somebody."

When an incredulous Sean Hannity expressed dismay at Rangel's comments, the Harlem Democrat shot back, "How can you get so much satisfaction that two bums have been killed? We got bums all over the world and some in the United States."

So he sees this as killing someone's kids.

Sure did. We killed the kids of a brutal bastard, whose kids were raised to be as brutal and bastardly as the father. We killed two rapists, torturers and murderers. Please tell me how this is a bad thing?

If the harshest words Rangel can find for U and Q are bums and someone's kids, I hate to see what he would say when we bludgeon Saddam himself. Oh, we killed someone's daddy! He was just a wayward man!

What if we killed bin Laden? Would Rangel cry foul and dismiss the killing as illegal?

I take issue with the people who refuse to see any good coming out of this. I think the leaders in Iran and Libya and North Korea might get the message that we are not fooling around - terrorism is our enemy, and we our hunting our enemies down.

I see it as a boon to mankind no matter what. Two less villians, two less scum-of-the-earth cretins, two less people to worry about. Now, let's work on the rest. Rangel and the rest of the left who are finding any way possible to pick this mission apart can all meet at the tin-foil hat factory and try a few on for size.


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that political breakaway discussion going on right now at winds of change is looking more appealing all the time. all the more so when you bring up rangel, whos district i sadly live in. its too late to seriously support a challenger against him in 04, but 06 is looking quite ripe for some serious blogosphere backed political scheming.

Seriously, I almost think it's better that we got to them first. Sure, we still have a lot of ass kicking to do. His kids were his predecessors. I shudder to think what would happen if we just let them get away.

Aside from the visceral, wonderful pleasure I feel from having these two bastards dead, Rangel is wrong. This wasn't assassination--it was combat. They were acting as enemy combatants and refused to surrender. There is no doubt in my mind that we would rather have taken them alive.

Rangel is an asshole. What's worse is that he is downright wrong.

Uh... huh. Wasn't that executive order (not a law) forbidding assassnations rescinded? Something to do with some rather rude people crashing airliners into buildings, perhaps Rangel missed it.

I wonder how Rangel feels about the "murder" of Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto?

Those two "bums" were responsible for untold numbers of killings, not to mention the brutal rapes and tortures. They may well be worse than the father. My only regret is that they weren't taken alive and given long, slow acid baths. Horrible, sub-human killers like that deserve worse than death. Furthermore, anyone who sees nothing good coming from this must be either a literal half-wit or so self-involved with their own issues that they play the part of one well.

Significant, does not begin to describe this event.

Statia ...
I think you meant to write successors.
it's an odd take on the saying that "the child is father to the man".

Of course, if we'd gotten Saddam first, then they'd be the poor orphans.

Wrangle, or is it Mangle, is just wrong. It was not assasination, it was combat. It was also no different than what police do when facing a barricaded suspect, though I am sure they would love to have the TOWs...

What's wrong with this guy is that he is deliberately misconstruing and misrepresenting as part of a big lie. He puts his party first, himself second, and his country, at best, third. Balagan, go ahead and bring it up now, and really tear into him on 06.

Michele, no offense intended, really really really, but I just gotta ask:


Gawd, it's just like San Francisco and Marin County.

Wow, Rangel is sounding like a senile old fool.

In other news, hitting your thumb with a hammer is painful, riding a bicycle uses less energy than driving a tank, and it has been a really long time since the Cubs have won the World Series. :-)

The vileness of the loony left knows no bounds. Snuffing them like mad dogs is too good a fate.

Rangel must be best bugs with George Galloway MP. Might I suggest they both go to Iraq for a few days, I suggest the Kurdish areas.

Andrew, I think you meant to write "best buds".

Oops, no. My mistake.

Rangel is an excellent example of why Congressman deserve either two years in office or life. Its sad to see such a pathetic character in the Congress but proves that lack of intelligence, integrity, ability, never prevented anyone from being a Congressman.

To follow up on Thomas Jackson's comment, I think it was Dennis Miller, possibly PJ O'Rourke, who said "Congressmen should be limited to two terms; one in Congress and one in jail"

assassination NO
asshatted,assclown,deceitful,bigot YES

Re Rangel

THAT was reaching, even for one of today's liberal extremists. I think they call it "Mindless Desperation".

For a minute there I couldn't figure out if Seth's comment was on the original or on the comment above his! :)

Nice threat like for me!