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dead, undead, she said

I fell asleep last night as I was thinking about the final chapter for Night of the Loving Dead (a/k/a Loving You is Like Loving the Undead), which will be the basis for the (comedy/horror/romance/sci-fi/musical/drama)movie of the same name some day (even if I have to make the movie myself with a crappy camcorder and action figures as the stars), so it was understanding that I dreamed about zombies.

I don't mind dreaming about zombies because it is my firm belief that all good things in life point to zombies eventually. What I do mind is waking up from an exhaustive dream feeling quite like a zombie myself. It's not like I'm going to go out and eat some brains for breakfast; I'm just slow moving and dim-witted at the moment. Thus, you'll have to wait until I get to work for anything worthwile to read here.

However, I will leave you with something to ponder, and perhaps you could compose a response to the drooling nitwit who left this comment on my post making fun of PETA-philes, Chrissie Hynde and the struggle to save the chickens:

It is brainless arguments like this that promoted all sorts of excellent human behavior. There only black people, they’re not human, they are only Jews, and they are just like rats. Really, you figured out how to get online certainly you can do better than this

Or, if you are feeling really brave, you can check out some of the comments on my original post about Kobe (scroll down to a bit). Have they let loose the asylum again?

Now, where are those brains I was saving?


I'll be in the movie. I work for nothing, I just want to be the next Brad Pitt. 'Cause you know I'm all that and a bag of chips!

Or would that be a bag 'o' brains? Something to add to the script I say!

"I don't mind dreaming about zombies because it is my firm belief that all good things in life point to zombies eventually."


I had to quote that on my site, Michele. I hope you don't mind. =)

Ooooo Undead Porn!

You mean those brains in the back of the 'fridge?

"Ooooo Undead Porn!"

Actually that makes me think of something.

What is the relationship between zombies and sex? I've often pondered it while watching 70's Italian horror flicks or playing Resident Evil. Sex must have something to do with the appeal of zombies-but what? The link between vampires and sex is extremely obvious [vampires are sexual desire in personfied from] but the relationship between zombies and sex seem more problematic.

Zombies cannot express desire themselves, but they often exhibit sexual desirability to the living in some zombie tales. My favourite example is the beautiful nightwalking zombie woman in the 1940's RKO shocker 'I Walked With a Zombie'. She appears pale and corpse like but fresh, frail and silent as well.

This zombie variant of the beautiful woman who is revealed to be a rotting corpse often appears, like in the last season of Angel. But what does it symbolise?

The most obvious explanation for the generic shuffling zombie is that it is a metaphor for the fear of death, but what about the sexually desirable undead? Perhaps it is a metaphor for VD? Or maybe the crushing power of sexual desire over the male- the implication that lust is itself rotten and the product of a corrupted body?

That sounds kinda lame to me. Does anyone else have any theories on sexy zombies?