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last thought of the evening

Can someone please tell Courtney Love her time is up and she should just crawl back into her hole (no pun intended), where she can shrivel up into a wretched old woman without subjecting the public to her rapid decomposition (mentally and physically)?

Thank you.


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Can I be the one to tell her, please, huh?, can I?

Sorry, I can't go along with this. The statement that "her time is up" infers that "her time" ever existed.

OK, Courtney the person is definitely a very strange and apparently troubled girl. However, Courtney the musician does have some talent.
If we're going to banish someone, my vote goes to Yoko Ono.

I almost choked - coutney with talent? muscial talent? Please! She can't write a song on her own at all! She really does need to go away - and in the bonus round take yoko ono with her. UGH!

That first Hole album was pretty good, actually.

Some suggest that it was because Kurt did most of the work, but that may not be fair. Some artists only have one really good album in them, and then are spent.

I feel badly for Frances Bean Cobain. Her Dad killed himself with enough heroin in his blood to bring down a pack of grizzly bears, and her mother has all the stability of a hebephrenic feral Chihuahua.

I was never convinced of the murder allegations brought by fans of Kurt towards Courtney. I actually think she has a good streak...her independence. She tried to fight the record companies using the internet. You could say it cost her her career.

I would say letting Melissa Auf der Mar go did that, though.

To quote an Atlanta, GA corrections officer I saw jerk a phone out of a weeping debutante's hand in the Fulton County lock-up (long story):

"Your time is UP, White Princess!"



After watching the documentary "Kurt and Courtney," it made sense that she's as screwed up as she is. That father of hers---yikes. I feel bad for Frances Bean.

If Courtney doesn't have anyone left to sue, she'll fade into obscurity. I read that she settled her last ones (e.g., the one over the release of remaining Nirvana material) because of mounting legal bills.

Were you watching The Osbournes too? My favorite part: Kelly declaring that Courtney Love is the most intelligent person she'd ever met. I suppose when the picking's slim...

Actually, Kurt Cobain DID write most of the lyrics and music for Hole's first album, that's why it's a good album. Notice, when Kurt was alive, it was good for her career, but when he died her career took a nosedive.

Actually, some theorize that Kurt wanted out of the music biz, and that Courtney had him killed because she figured if he died her career would be boosted on that alone. I don't know if I buy that, but who knows. All I know is, her first album was awesome, everything she did after that was SHITE.

My opinion is though Kurt didn't kill himself. It's kinda hard to commit suicide with a shotgun.

and with the ammount of heroin they found in his system, he couldn't have accomplished that little feat. He was murdered, I think, but whether it was by courtney or not is up for speculation.

Anyway this was in answer to Dark Avenger saying Kurt killed himself. Sorry for going off topic. :)

wtf I think that Courtney Love was VERY talented and cool! You all suck if you think diff...


just go

Tom grant is a genious.

Courtney is fucking 38! ::rolls eyes::

Are you all idiots. Courtney's first album was made before she even met Kurt. The second album is the one she was married to him through. They are both really good albums and actually she helped Kurt with his song writing. Wether you wanna believe it or not she was a much better writer than Kurt. She helped him clean up the lyrics to songs like Pennyroyal Tea and Heart-Shaped Box. Even kurt and everyone else in the music business that has met her has said she is unbelieveably samrt. Get over yourselves you just envu her position in life.