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the days are just packed II

I'm gone for the rest of the day. I took a vacation day from work because my best friend's kids (and hence, my kids' best friends) are leaving for sleepaway camp tomorrow, so we decided to get in a last fling at a fun-filled day listening to our kids whine about how we aren't doing anything they really wanted to do (i.e., go to a toy store).

We're going to try our hand at bowling again and possibly head over to the Cradle of Aviation museum (and catch the Extreme Sports IMAX movie while we are there).

Or we'll just end up sitting around the yard, watching them play how-many-ways-can-you-cheat baseball.

Back tonight with the internet version of home movies.


You mean Calvinball? I love Calvinball. I wanna see Major League Calvinball on TV.

internet version of home movies? what the hell is that?