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the kobe bryant case: everyone's a loser

The New York Post - as well as hundreds of other media outlets - reports that a web site has divulged the name and address, as well as photos, of the woman who has accused Kobe Bryant of rape.

Though none of those outlets gave the URL of the site, it wasn't that hard to track down.

I have no deep thoughts on whether Bryant is innocent or guilty. The only people right now who know the answer to that are Kobe and the woman.

However, the circus that has evolved out of this case is beyond disgusting. From Bryant's fans on the website in question, who all but cheer the alleged rape in the comments, to the accuser's "friends" who have been flashing their smiles all over television, everything about this case just serves to highlight what is wrong with sports, the media and the way we treat professional athletes.

I've seen the friends, and I'm sure you have as well. You can't miss them. They've been on every major news channel talking up the accuser and one can't help but feel that this is all one big photo-op for them and their friend's plight has become second string to the publicity they are garnering. It creeps me out to see these young girls smiling for the cameras and throwing out sound bites like they've been coached by a Hollywood agent. I get the distinct feeling that these young women, when the cameras are turned off, are giggling and plotting and planning their way onto a casting couch or, at the very least, a paid guest shot on some MTV tell-all documentary.

On the other side, we have Bryant's rabid fans, eager to spread the name and address of an alleged rape victim around, all but throwing her to the wolves. They have gone above and beyond in digging up any fraction of "dirt" they could find on the woman, from drug overdoses to past relationships, to claiming that she deserved to be raped and, in fact, enjoyed it.

It's become a case of not only he said/she said, but of they said.

This is an unfortunate by product of putting athletes on pedestals and making them role models. You want to believe they can do no wrong. They are young and rich and handsome and famous and all of that becomes a Superman costume, where bullets bounce of them and they can leap tall accusations in a single bound. How desperate are we to want our heroes and role models and celebrities to be perfect that we refuse to accept they can do wrong?

How deranged is our society when a woman accuses someone of rape and thousands of people get out their Encylopedia Brown, Boy Detective kits and scour the internet for dirt on the accuser?

No matter what the outcome of this case - whether Bryant is guilty of rape or the woman is guilty of manufacturing the whole thing as some warped way of becoming famous - the jury is in on one aspect already; the media is guilty of aiding and abetting the degradation of society.

If every single reporter available wasn't running after the friends of the accusers with microphones and exclusive interview contracts, if Bryant wasn't made out to be some kind of superhero, if the accuser didn't have her entire past dragged out before her in black and white, we wouldn't have this three-ring circus that's playing out like a disgusting, depraved version of American Idol, where the interviews on local news are the auditions and the spot on Larry King is the prize.

While the outcome of this case will be decided by a judge and jury, it's pretty evident that everyone has already lost.


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polite opera claps from stage left

That's why I quit watching the news. I felt as if I was participating in some kind of unholy ceremony every time I saw a microphone shoved into the face of some beleaguered person, or saw some self-serving interview with a "friend" of the accused/victim.

Kobe is my son's favorite basketball player. We have had to cut Sportscenter off the approved viewing list for him temporarily. I really don't want to be explaining sexual assulat and rape to a nine year old. We haven't even had the birds and bees conversation yet. For now, he knows that somebody has accused Kobe to attacking them, and we don't know the truth...


When this all started, I figured it was just a matter of time before she was identified in the press. I did not realize how bad it would get though. I have not seen the site(s) giving her information, but from what I have read it is pretty bad. Even if the story is not true, to say that someone liked or deserved rape is so sick in itself and makes Kobe look even worth because it is his 'fans' saying it.

my 2 cents on the whole Kobe thing.....

f him. have you seen his wife? what the hell do you need to be cheating on a wife that hot who is the mother of your kids....ESPECIALLY when you're a rich and famous sports star??? this isn't some poor construction worker who was banging some tramp cuz he was depresssed about his fat wife and shitty life. this whole thing is the same as the celebrities who go alcoholic or druggies. what the hell do THEY need an escape from? screw them all. if an unscrupulous whore like me stayed faithful to my girlfriend(ex) and passed on several chances to cheat, then this rich "wholesome" role-model can too.

And we can thank Kobe, Chris, for also having to explain to nine year olds what adultery is all about.

Whether it was rape or consensual will be up to a jury, but whether it was an act of a man devoid of character and honor has already been decided.

When the world can still find a reason to value or make excuses for a man who would risk his good name and honor, who would shame his wife by an act such as this, we lost a long time ago.

And we wonder why our politicians are such vile scum.

I'm pretty sure that somehow Bugs Meany is behind all this.

Another thing that's formalized now is the posture of outrage against the media. So why are you watching?

Its audience is just big enough to support the people supplying it; not big but reliable. Good taste prevents me revealing the exact nature of the audience but it's mostly women.

The right response in any case is ridicule.

Well Said! Thank you.

Mrs. du Toit,
Adultery has a very long history. How about some respect for tradition? It can't be all that bad. I hope you are not saying it has no good aspects. It's a tradeoff probably.

If one of the spouses is looking around, probably there's a reason.

Who's Kobe Bryant?

Don't bother answering Ron, anyone.

I've said before that I would only ban someone from the comments if they made threatening remarks or were outwardly hateful towards a particular segment of society. I've pretty much held to that.

However, Ron Hardin has changed all that. You will be happy to know that, as of right now, Ron Hardin is banned from commenting here. At least with the IP he's using right now.

Ron has proved himself to be the exact definition of a troll: one who posts for no other reason but to start a flame war or comment fight.

He may not really be a mysogystic, low-IQ miscreant, but he sure did a good job of convincing me, and plenty of my readers, that he is, and frankly, I got tired of reading his crap.

Someone emailed me a link to one of the alleged victims sites last night, and it was one of the few things on the interweb that actually made me shake my head sadly. Regardless of guilt (hence the word alleged above), I don't understand the mentality of someone who would go out of their way to make someone who claims such a horrible crime even more miserable. Where's that cleansing cancer I've been praying for God?

Well said, Michele.
The trend of our popular media careening from one instance of orgiastic excess to the next seems to have no end in sight. The only way to stop it is for consumers to quit watching the trash, but it's hard to hold out much hope on that score. Tabloid "journalism" has become the rule rather than the exception, and we're all to blame...

The media has long changed from "news" being journalism to be crass exploitation in searhc of even higher ratings and money.


The "amazing, heroic rescuce" of Private Jessica Lynch, and the orgy of reporting and storytelling associated with it.

The ongoing fascination with whats-her-name the pregnant woman in California that was allegedly killed by her husband.

Now some overpaid sports "star" allegedly rapes some woman. Ok, report it once. Now lets get back to the important, world events.

But as someone said, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

What happened to all the good journalists, the ones with integrity, the editors who would present the news - factual, non-sensationalised, objectively reported. (even if that meant not toeing the line of the government or major advertisers).

Media - who needs it?

Another thing that's formalized now is the posture of outrage against the media. So why are you watching?

Because the Kobe coverage is mixed in with actually important news, and we don't yet have the technology to let individual users dynamically filter out TV content by topic.

Just turn off the TV news. It's worthless. If you see a bunch of flags flying at half mast or something like that, then you can turn it back on.

Well, "Ron" had demonstrated a hatred of women (a particularly large segment of society) time and time again, so there was a strong case for giving him da boot. Bravo, Michele!

what the fuck is her name?

Well this hole Kobe Bryant thing is draving me crazy people on the news just say "Well the victim dont want to be on camara" well how can we see how this bitch looks like. She probably though that kobe was going to give her some money after they fuck but the dint give her any so she desided to acuse poor kobe of raping her what was this bitch thinking i just hope that the truth comes out and that my man kobe would come clean out of all this. I KNOW THAT KOBE IS SAYING THE TRUTH BECAUSE I SPOKE WITH HIM DURING A LAKERS GAME IN L.A AND HE WAS SUCH A GEMTELMEN MUCH LOVE TO KOBE AND I KNOW THAT HE IS SAYING THE TRUTH I JUST HOPE THAT WENT ALL OF THIS IS OVER HE WOULD BE THE SAME KOBE BRYANT THAT HE WAS BEFORE ALL THIS AND HOPE THAT THE CRAZY BITCH THATS ACUSIN HIM WOULD GET WHAT SHE DESERVES JAIL FOR LIFE 4 ACUSING KOBE OF SOMETHING THAT EVERY BODY KNOWS HE WOULD NEVER DO.

Wow. Totally speechless.

I can't believe she put her name and email address on that.


what is the link to the victims website

1. Well, it's only a Hotmail account.
2. How many Lucy Salinases do you imagine there are in the Los Angeles area?
3. These young athletes learn that they can get by on their sports prowess alone. No intelligence -- and certainly no couth or morals -- is required of them. It's not hard to imagine how they would grow a sense of entitlement the size of God's ego. Recall OJ....

You can blame the media, but it's individual humans who have taken this alleged crime [I say alleged because I wasn't there and it's not my right to say who is and isn't guilty] to the circus. It's horrible to think we live in a society that would condemn a woman for saying she was raped without a fair trial to sort out the facts. None of us were there. None of us knows what truly happened except for Kobe and the woman in question. You can have all the opinions you want about it, but when you cross the line into outright harrassment, then you've gone too far. Trouble is, the ones who think it's gone too far are not the ones doing it. It's like Michele said, it's gone from he said/she said to THEY said. Well THEY can f--- off because THEY weren't involved in this.

By the way, I notice nobody's made a big deal out of the fact that he cheated on his wife--a wife who just bore his child a few months back and that he started dating when she was only 17 and he was 20.

And let's not damn the media as a whole. I have never resorted to sensationalism or gossip to make a story. It's also probably why I never became rich doing it. LOL But you can't damn us all for the actions of some.

It takes two. She willing went to his room. I'm sick if women luring men and then crying rape. Maybe she wanted another notch on her stick. I got Kobe! You take a good looking woman, flashing her tits and batting her eyes. A man is a man and most think with their dicks. Kobe just thought he would never get caught but I DO NOT believe it was rape!! I'm rooting for Kobe!

You know, these trolls like this marci chick and the Lucy Salinas chick can't even put a coherent thought together, so, why should they think we'd listen to them or take them seriously? And Marci? Not all men think with their "Dicks" sweetheart, Just the ones who are too stupid to think rationally about the moral dilema they are putting themselves in, and the pain it will cause their families. A MAN is someone who owns up to his responsabilities, and doesn't let his dick do his thinking for him. A weak man, is someone who rapes a woman, or even fools around on his wife, to show his "Sexual Prowess" or his Dominance over weaker people. I hate the All Men Are Dogs sterotype, especially since it's so not true.

We Love you Kobe, I know that you are innocent and I understand that you are not the only man that has committed adultry. I am behind you all the way.

What's the website for her pics ???

Lying slut, money hungry beotch,This girl just wanted to get rich. Evident by her failed atempt at american idol. Last time Ichecked the hotel "consierge" meant hotel prostitute. So why did she go to his room in the first place?

Why on earth would a woman destroy her life and be put out there to be trashed by the public if nothing happened. The guy cheated on his wife. We have devalued women so much in this society, that we actually believe they are worth nothing but tits and ass and they deserve rape, while extolling the virtues of immoral superstars. I'm sure it's not the first time he cheated. It's the first time it came back to bite him. He deserves to be shamed. His poor wife did not. I'm sickened by the women who defend him. The few here that did can't spell or construct a coherent english sentence. Get an education and realize how far back you set the well-being of other women by your un-educated, star struck, trailer-park mentality.

" All have sinned and fallen short". But I bet you one thing, if she was a Black female her face and name would have been plastered by the media in mags and on television!

I personally think perhaps the sex got a little kinky and rough and it was too much for the girl to handle. I mean, there were people in the room next door who said they heard a "commotion" and "items falling and breaking". Do you think that was a result of a rape taking place or kinky, rough sex??

I feel sorry for the alleged victim because she is being truly slandered on the internet. I am, however, proud of Kobe's wife for staying by his side through this. I don't see her walking away whether he is found guilt y or innocent. Yeah he messed up ROYALLYand what he did defies the laws of STUPIDITY but you don't kick a man when he's down.

If I were Vanessa Bryant I wouldn't make anymore statements or comments. This stuff has been blown way out of proportion anyway and her talking is adding fuel to the fire. My prayers are with the Bryant family and the family of the alleged victim. This whole situation stinks to high heaven......


I was really hurt by the allegation of sexual assault against Kobe Bryant, I am a devouted fan of his,because of the image he upheld as a nba player, there were a few players like kobe and tim duncan who appeared to uphold that clean image left i hope that he is innocent ,but if he did do it I think he deserves the punishment.

I luv Kobe , but if he raped this girl i think he should pay for it . Im hurt by his actions of adultry because he was one of the good guys in the nba I quess we only have Tim duncan left. Im also proud that Vanessa stood by her man thats all,the haters want is to see you two split, if Hillary had the wisdom to stand by her man that should show us all something ,we are only human and all make mistakes . I pray that afer Kobe is aquitted that your marriage would be even stronger than before .

Kobe is the typical Black Male who has not realized that whatever their financial or star status, he is still Black, and as some still call him after the game is over, and he is finised entertaining the the majority,
"a nigger". Why he would even put himself in that situation shows his immaturity and ignorance. Why successful black men can't stop chasing white pussy is beyond me. He deserves whatever happens to him for being stupid and forgetting where he came from.

Yo look man the only thing I have to say about Kobe doing something like this is why. Of all the women out here who love Kobe Bryant he ain't got to rape no body and he DIDN'T and regardless what eva you say he's innocent ok he did commit adultery that the only honest charge against him may have not been the smartest thing but it happen and he's sorry for it that doesn't make him any lesser of a man might take a while for Venessa to give her trust back but it'll be there and still the best basketball player in the NBA and he'll never lose that.

First of all, why would you even cheat on your wife? Did the vows he spoke mean nothing? And Next, HOW THE HELL WOULD ANYONE CHEAT ON SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!??? He is such an idiot!

why does anyone do anything for that matter? I am not saying the man did it, But people who rape people are looking to assert their power over someone weaker. That has nothing to do whith how beautiful they are or whether they're even a man or a woman. It has nothing to do with sex period. Rape is a crime of violence.

I'm not saying Kobe is guilty, I am saying it doesn't matter how beautiful a man's wife is, or how many chicks are after him, Rape isn't about that. It's about Control and taking something that doesn't belong to them.

Kobe is one ugly mother. Despite his wealth I bet his wife can hardly bear to sleep with him. He probably raped that woman out of frustration. Oh yeah, he's also a crappy basket ball player. I could kick his ass with one hand tied behind my back

The accuser is a gold digger. From what i heard, a few days later after she was supposidly "attacked" she was bragging about having sex with kobe bryant. She is a lying trashy slut who is a gold digger. She deserves nothing from Kobe Bryant. From what i heard, she attempted suicide and was prone to lying. But regardless, it's still wrong that kobe commited adultry and he should be found guilty for that because he did admit to it. But for rape, NO. I don't think he raped her at all, like i said before, she is a gold digging trashy slut who deserves a bad label. Even if Kobe is found innocent, he has to live with a label and there will still be those people who believe he is guilty. The trashy slut already ruined Kobe's reputation for being nice. For that, i think the trashy slut should get an even worse label. I believe that the accuser (the trashy gold digging slut) will be charged of false accusation. It's obvious that she made those bruses from an "attack" herself. Any ways, the accuser (trashy gold digging slut) went to Kobe's room on her own free will, no one dragged her there. It was her choice of the outcome the whole time. And its obvious that she's (lets say it one more time!) A LYING GOLD DIGGING TRASHY SLUT!

This is my first time here and I ended up in this site while trying to find reactions from women about this Kobe's case.
I had really hoped that Kobe and this person could have reached a sort of compromise. I was expecting Kobe to make a mistake one day, but not one of this magnitude. He could have started by getting involved with a little bit of drugs, just enough to measure how it would bounce back. He's only 24 for God's sake, and were it not for his stature, He would have been in jail already.

My 18 year old sister told me " she knew she wanted some, who would reject Kobe?" And the bid question to me is rather: what do you really expect when you agree to fuck Kobe, a married man . I would really not mind fucking Hally Berry: I will assume that if I get to fuck her, that would be like starting a new life. She would probably wake up the next morning and make sure that my future is set, or I would expect her to keep the affair going.Naaa, I would happily fuck Hally for free, without lawsuit, just like that. My point is: I don't think Kobe raped her per se.
He just did not care, at least, that how he must have made her feel.

Yes he probably left her with no prospect for a better future. We belong to an era where money determines everything: when you sleep with Kobe Bryant, and you wake up the next morning, you have accomplished quite a feat. Every body know how we workship these stars in this country. Kobe probably had sex with this lady, and did not leave her with any kind of prospects for the future. He must have made her feel like he just used her for a minute( hopefully more than just that) She must have been very frustrated and Kobe probably crushed her ego by either threatening her, or by making her feel like she less than what she is.
I would be terribly mad at Halle Berry if she fucked me and did not even attempt to make sure that I would be ok for the next 5 years.
People have feelings and Kobe probably did not care for the young girls feelings. She was expecting more that a simple screw.
I'm very curious to find out how someone will convince the court that Kobe forced his way into this girl's deepnesses.
Either way, they are both to blame. The lady did not have to be in Kobe's room. Kobe did not have to do it that way.
The worse thing is that if Kobe gets out of this clean( which I'm not sure how), he will be the newest young american bad boy. Something that equally had a strong and sexy appeal among many americans. Yes, there is not such thing as bad pubicity, not at this level. If he is not convicted, he will get out of this as a hero.
And we will have made somebody who cheats on his wife and lies to his new born, a sparkling american hero.........

From Africa.


Many of Bryant's worshippers have said that she willingly went to his room -- wouldn't they have gone, too? Sports players (of any caliber) often have post-game celebrations or gatherings in their hotel rooms. Would any fan of the team or player turn down an offer to attend?
Rape is a serious matter. It is commonly referred to as "the unfinished murder," due to the agonizing long-term effects (mental and/or physical) on its victims. The accuser is subjected to humiliating physical examinations and badgered by the defender's attourneys (and everyone else, for that matter). Few women would actually stick with the charges, choosing instead to agree to a settlement.
The decision to release the accuser's name and other personal information was a poor one, and voyeurs intending to seek out the information should leave well enough alone. Whether her accusations are true or she's just a gold-digger is for a jury to decide.

Exactly how is the accuser a gold-digger? She isn't filing suit against him, she's pressing charges. Rational people would leave the verdict to a jury, but apparently there aren't many rational people out there. I don't know who's telling the truth or who's lying, but I'm disgusted with the backlash against the accuser. Bashing the accuser and spreading gossip about her is something a total social misffit would do.

These so-called supporters of Kobe who call the accuser a gold digging slut should wipe the foam from their mouths and look at the facts (again, no lawsuit, but hey, don't let me throw cold water on your paranoid fantasies).

The woman who was WRONGLY fingered as his accuser, however, may sue the websites who have ignored the cease and desist letters and CONTINUE to keep her picture and personal info up on their sites. Thanks to their piggish behavior, she's been subjected to harrassment and degradation. Apparently, concern for the wrongly accused is only reserved for men.

To all those idiots who say Bryan'ts accuser is in it for the money--

Quick, flame freekobe.com, since they are making a pile of cash from the charges.

Well all I got to say is that I have been a huge kobe's friend. I mean nobody knows the truth except for kobe bryant and that gal herself. What I would say is "if kobe really did rape her and did somethign agianst her will then he should face the consequences". I am just waiting to hear the October hearing. However deep down in my heart I have a feeling that kobe didn't rape her. It was something consensual. They both wanted to do it.

Ok the truth is they had sex. Some more truth is, would Kobe Bryant have to rape anyone hmmm no. In my opinion, the girl wants attention and she has problems she attempted suicide 2 months before this because her boyfriend broke up with her?!?! And a good friend of hers died. It sounds to me that this girl needs counseling. My ex boyfriend also a very very good friend died in a car accident and u don't see me overdosing. To me it seems like a cry for someone to help her!

Your Friend A Alexander "Bogey" Stella considered the following article interesting and wanted to send it to you.

The Kobe Bryant case and Absolutely Unrelated WLTB Radio

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URL: http://www.bcvoice.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=146

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Personally i dont think that Kobe Bryant is guilty. Have you seen him??? He wouldnt have to force any girl to have sex with him, especially if they went to a quiet surrounding and wanted to "talk" she musta knew that something was gonna happen and im also sure that no one forced her to be there. Also if you watch the movie Any Given Sunday you would see how it really is with all the sports players and if you arrest Kobe for doing something like that even if he is guilty or innocent you have to arrest everyone else because they have all done something of the same sort. I still feel he is innocent.

well, no offense to the woman but this case is all about MONEY, MOOLLAHHH, $$$$$$$$. Kobe has lots of them so you all know your math........c'mon, lawyers of the accuser, let's not be hypocrites here, finish this case and settle the amount you want with bryant's lawyers and let Kobe do his thing on the hardcourt.

Wow, Kobe's young, good looking and OH SO RICH (MUCHO DINERO)so I'm sure the accuser went with him to bed voluntarily, but of course suing Kobe would make her rich so she cried rape.

Hypocrites are worst than liars!!!

TO Kobe, i'm sure this will be settled, but of course this should be telling you something.....stick to your wife, make her happy and make God the center of your life!!!

I think that Kobe is innocent. That girl didn't have to come up to his room and she did. So what does that say about her. She just wants his money.

Q le jodan a esa violadora ojala le metan 500 aņos de carcel...asi no podra darse mas por el culo con Shaq!!! Muerte a kobe!!!!!!!

Fuck Kobe Bryant and everyone who supports that nigger rapist.

Leviatan, I knew you are an asshole, but i didn't know you can't write basic words in english...SOMETIMES I FORGET YOU'RE FROM THE DEEPEST SPAIN! I hope that your colleages from antilakers fuck you hard.



Does anybody knows here where Aragon is? Not Aragorn, LOTR's character, i mean Aragon, the land without water... the deepest spanish province...

Why should we know that Kobe Bryant is the (currently innocent) accused, while we are supposed to not want to know who the accuser is??
Is this fair to Mr Bryant?? I think not!

The accused is innocent until proven guilty, so why release the accused's name but not the accuser? Is this really legal? Moral?
(and don't claim the "rape shield law" protects the accuser unless you can quote it to me where that is said)

I Believe Kobe!

I am not big fan of Kobe Bryant, I think he is a scum bag for cheating on his wife and I think she is a money hungry whore for taken a 4 million dollar ring to forgive him. But he is no rapist. He can get almost any piece of ass he wants any time he wants so why would he have to force a girl to have sex with him. People who are that good with the ladies are not normally rapist. And besides the surposed victim was proven to have had sex with another man within 48 hours after she was surposedly raped. And she braged to friends about sleeping with Bryant. I mean this girl is so stupid and so much of a slut she could not keep her mouth shut or her legs together to try to make he false case hold some water. The DA should save the tax payers money and spare the American people the circus this trail would be and just throw the case away.

I would luv to suck the dick of that pea-headed, funny-eared nigger, Kobe.