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he's not dead yet

Contrary to other reports, Idi Amin is not quite dead, just in a coma as I reported (with somewhat of a sneer on my face) last night.

I have to say, i'm just glad to see that no one came out last night to defend Amin. I guess there are some people who are undefendable*
indefensible. Good to know.

*stop picking on me now, Meryl. Oh, by the way: Meryl Yourish


Undefendable... unlike Thurmond? Not to raise the ahem dead, but didn't you get a lot of heat for speaking ill of him?

I believe Amin has an AOL account. If he recovers you can expect comments.

A one point of his life Thurmond put his life on the line to protect this country. As much as we might not agree with what he did in later years anyone who landed in France on D-Day deserves respect on his death.

Can we make grim comments borrowed from old episodes of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" and some of their movies?

"The death of Idi Amin, Part One: The Beginning...."

"I think 'e's dead..." "no i'm not-aigh!"

Undefendable? What about his lovely music? Someone hasn't watched "Idi Amin Dada". Heh. :)

Strom Thurmond may have been many things, but at least he wasn't a cannibal dictator.

Well, as far as I know, at any rate.

How do you think he lived so long? Muhaha.



As one who facetiously defended racists, trolls, and even Michael Savage (but I repeat myself), I was ready to attest that Idi Amin was one of the few people so thoroughly evil that he couldn't even be defended sarcastically. Then I read this.

Noam Chomsky has openly worshipped the Viet Cong. He has defended holocaust deniers, Noriega, Milosovic, Soviet Russia, Arab slaveholders in the Sudan and the Khmer Rouge. I figure he has to have defended a cannibal and a mass murderer at some point in time, since thatís what Chomsky does.

- Found it:

From "The Chomsky reader" Pantheon books, 1987, p.201, quotes a paper written by Chomsky in 1975:

"When the New York Times editors and U. N. Ambassador Moynihan castigate Idi Amin of Uganda as a "racist murderer," perhaps correctly, there is a surge of public pride throughout the country; and they are lauded for their courage and honesty. No one would be so vulgar as to observe that the editors and the ambassador, in the not very distant past, have supported racist murder on a scale that exceeds Amin's wildest fantasies. The general failure to be appalled by their hypocritical pronouncements reflects, in the first place, the extremely powerful ideological controls that prevent us from coming to terms with our acts and their significance and, in the second place, the nation's profound commitment to racist principle."

(I never knew that Moynihan was a murderer and a cannibal. The things you learn from reading Chomsky.)

"'E's not dead! 'E's only pining!"

Michele, for that, you must die.

AFTER I get back from Busch Gardens tomorrow.

Listening to the one community radio station on the way home from work today I heard them PRAISE Idi in his earlier years, and how he had returned the economy to the people. I was amazed. I felt like I had just heard someone say "Great job in helping that old lady cross the road Adolph. Too bad about all the other stuff later..."

"'E's not pinin', 'e's passed on!"

So it's now Tuesday, is the motherfricasseer dead yet?

I think Chomsky was alluding to the plight of the Vietnamese and the liberating napalm war; although it's obviously lost on you Mary.

Is Amin dead for reall?

If you say Idi Amin's brain is dead therefore he's dead anyway. That butchering bastard.

he needs a kidney.....that sucka deserves to rot in hell