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death awaits

I was taken to task (several times) last month over my dimissive post on the death of Strom Thurmond.

However, I don't think many people will take issue with my unforgiving, uncaring, see-you-in-hell thoughts as I read that Idi Amin has lapsed into a coma.

Interesting life he lived. Six wives, 43 children, 400,000 murders on his hand, not to mention the aid he gave to Palestinian terrorists who hijacked an Air France plane in 1976.

In a nutshell: Dictator, murderer, torturer, executor, praticer of genocide.

Note of interest: Yasser Arafat was the best man at Amin's fifth wedding.

Sordid side note: Other dictators might find their enemies to be targets, threats, or terror: Amin found them tasty: "After his coup of his predecessor, Apolo Milton Obote, Amin rounded up the military leaders that did not support his coup, murdered them, decapitated them and sat their disembodied heads around the presidential dining table, scolding them for not supporting him, and taking bites of their flesh."

The coma clock ticks.


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Well, uhm, Idi Amin used to kill and eat his political opponents. Which is good reason to hate him if you ask me.

Err, 1976.

1972 was Munich, which didn't have such a happy ending.

Liberals everywhere are offering their best wishes to this great leader. ;-)

During his reign, criminals were able to kill for their own motives (revenge, money, etc) and get away with it because their murders were 'noise' within the mass slaughter that Idi undertook when he was ruling Uganda.

You forgot to add cannibal.

Dean> Eating political opponents....Evil, but kinda unique. That woudl explain why he was such a tubbo. Humans are not good for the diet, though having a PETA member on pita is mildly appealing :)

I was in college in the '70s. It was fascinating to see the lefties screaming about South Africa, sucking up to Castro and Mugabe, making excuses for the Khmer Rouge, cheering Palestinian murderers...

Yet not one word about ol' Idi.