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swimming lessons

gogth.jpg[click pictures for supersize] I suppose the rest of the summer will be like this - not much blogging during the day on weekends.

We spent today by the pool with the family, partying at my parents house even though my parents were in Buffalo for the weekend.

It was gorgeous out today. Blue sky, fluffy white clouds, no humidity and a wonderful, crisp breeze. We barbecued, went out for Italian ices (I had FDNY Cherry, which has tiny little bits of chopped maraschinos in it) and just enjoyed the company of each other.

Milestone reached today: DJ finally got up the courage to swim underwater. He has been "learning" to swim for several years. Like his mother, he has an unnatural fear of water. However, unlike his mother, he has worked to overcome that fear.

See, when I was about six, my father decided that the best way to teach me how to swim was to just throw me in the pool. Not only did that not teach me how to swim, it made me vow to never go near the pool again as long as my father was in the backyard. It took me several years after that to teach myself how to swim and to this day, I don't particularly enjoy it.

underth.jpgSo DJ spend the past few summers watching cousins much younger than him jump fearlessly off the diving board into the deep end of the pool. I decided to let him go at his own pace rather than pushing the issue (we took a stab at swimming lessons when he was two, but his constant screaming frightened the other toddlers and we were all but banned from the place).

This summer, he has finally met the challenge he set for himself. He began to swim towards the center of the pool, rather than just hanging on to the edge. As he gained confidence with that, he slowly but surely began to submerge himself under the water, learning how to hold his breath and blow out his nose.

And today, finally, he swam like the proverbial fish under water. He claims it was all because of the goggles.

So that's where I was all day. And it was a good one.


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When I was 5 I took swim lessons at theY . The first thing they did was dunk me a couple times to get used to the water. I still have an unnatural fear of water too. My boys have no fear of anything. Sounds like you had a great day!

Go, DJ! Way to go!

Michele, there is nothing unnatural about a fear of water. If God has wanted us in water any deeper that a scotch and water, we would have fins.

And if He wanted us outside any higher than about ten feet, we'd have wings.

They're not phobias, dammit! And quite telling me what to do with your insidious microwaves...

Right ON, DJ!!

I could wax on here about how amazing that must feel, just as a parent, to see the blood of your blood, flesh of your flesh learning a skill that could not only save his life, but someone else's someday. Good on ya both!

Boy, that pool water looks inviting.


Magic goggles indeed, Michele. Sometimes that's all it takes for a kid to have some faith. Wish my niece had that in her instead of riding on my back all the time. A sweet victory, no less.

I have this same exact fear, and that's a mighty achievement for DJ. Woohoo!

Bravo to DJ! Once again it goes to show that with determination and persistance, you can accomplish things.

This post reminded me of my years on a swim team as a kid, and how I just could not dive to save my life. Jumps and belly flops were my entrances into pools. That is, until a patient swimming coach took me aside and stuck with me as I learned how to dive like everyone else. Looking back, it's sweet that someone believed I had it in me to do better.

How old is D.J.? My son is like this and I'm curious when he will be "ready" to do this.

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