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seen on film

Yesterday, I watched The Hot Rock on AMC. Not a classic movie by any means. Basically, it's Robert Redford in a spectacular display of wooden acting that would make Keanu Reeves look like Oscar material.

Yet I watch it every time it's on.

See, part of the movie was filmed right in my hometown of East Meadow. You see the jail and a little strip mall and the movie theater, which at the time was a Jerry Lewis Cinema and is now an office building tucked into the corner of another strip mall.

I was ten when the movie came out (1972), and my mother took us to see it just for the local cultural aspect. There's something very odd about sitting in a movie theater, watching a movie in which the movie theater you are watching the movie in appears on the screen.

No point to this really, just wanted to mention that.


Was T3 for me tonite. Lots of explosions.

I love that seeing stuff you know in the movies. Living where I live, however, it's not uncommon. The weirdest though was that Devil's Advocate was filmed in my office building. That still freaks me out -- when then show panning up shots of the ominous building, it's like they know what I'm thinking every day before I walk into work.

Athens is all over "The Ty Cobb Story". They filmed a lot of it about a block from my house.


Last year, during Spiderman, a portion was filmed directly around the corner from the theater, in Kew Gardens, Queens, NY. The entire theater hooted and went wild, whilst I sunk in my seat, glad that I actually hailed from a town on the other side of Queens. Yea, so that did feel weird.

The original promo was this piece of a helicopter ensnarement between the Twin Towers...it was kind of sobering to watch because there were so many rumors that the scene was still in or at the end. Of course, it was gone, just like the buildings...

"...sitting in a movie theater, watching a movie in which the movie theater you are watching the movie in appears on the screen."

Ouch. My head hurts! Some movies shot here in Montana...most popular of recent years, obviously, include Legends of the Fall and A River Runs Through It (I think)...and some early 70s Eastwood flick was filmed partially right up the street.

I watch A Beautiful Mind the same way, seeing places I played frisbee, skinned my knee, skateboarded and treated the Princeton campus as my back yard, which it was.

The character played by Judd Hirsch was a composite character of a mathematician my father has co-written topology textbooks about. My dad sat next to Nash at a mathematician's dinner.
(By the way, the antisemitism rumors are false. Nash's antisemitic ramblings were during times he also believed he was emporer of Alaska. Nash has LOTS of Jewish colleagues who aren't troubled by the rantings, which were clearly only expressed when Nash was deep in his personal doldrums--when lucid, Nash was fine. Nash also said that the movie was accurate but 90% of the facts were wrong. Artisitic liberty and the constraints of a 150-minute movie make it hard not to take shortcuts on the way to a "gestalt".)

When I meet people who say they don't understand Nash's problems, I remark that they are blessed not to. In the community of mathematicians and other scientific geniuses, there is a disproportionate number of "personal demons" driving them to greatness in their fields.

My Dad says he knew by the age of 8 he was going to be a mathematician. In world-class mathematics, it is never a vocation but a compulsion.

Oh, yeah... I live in LA. Some of the club scenes for "Man on the Moon" were filmed about 100 yards from my house. I used to work across the hall from Danny DeVito's "Jersey Films". We always knew when DeVito was in the building because it smelled like cigars (it was a no-smoking building). However, and this is not typical of celebs in this town, DeVito has a reputation for being a mensch. Forgiving his cigars is easy, knowing that.

jumanji was filmed in nashua, nh, only a short drive from my hometown. they had a casting call for short people for the elephants running through the town center scene, and my family joked about how we would fit the bill =)

too bad we didn't end up doing it. it might have been cool to meet robin williams.

most films that claim to be in nh are usually filmed in canada. then again, the same thing is true for a number of recent new york films...

why are people always picking on Keanu?...;)

For me, the great whoop-de-doo, they-made-a-movie-here film was "Five Easy Pieces". Partially filmed here in Taft and other places in Kern County, CA, it even had a scene with a former boss of mine appearing as an extra, pouring Jack Nicholson a cup of coffee. I got tired of hearing about that.

One of my favorite games to play while watching "Ed" (because it was mostly a boring show) was trying to catch the Montclair scenes and figure out where they filmed 'em.

Out here we keep trying (via tax credits and other perks) to recreate the magic of Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum. Regrettably, this sometimes results in the abomination that was the last pile of Baywatch trash.

East Meadow is a shithole! Even the Hooters chicks are ugly (I'd rather look at the sweaty tits at chick soccer at Mitchell Field.

The best thing East Meadow came up with was Joel (want to make some money bitch) Rifkin.

"recreate the magic of Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum"

LOL! Those two crapfests didn't hold a candle to Barnaby Jones or any Quinn Martin production.

I wasn't talking about artistic value, I was talking about economic value. The number of tourists we got by virtue of that exposure for that many years has kept entire hotels occupied.

Disney made a remake of "That Darned Cat" in my hometown of Edgefield, S.C. a few years back. Tons of familiar townfolk are in as extras. Trouble is, the town was supposed to be located 60 miles north of Boston, so they couldn't let any of the locals speak in the film!!