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my mom would be so proud

I just discovered that I am number one on Google for Girl With Hot Dog Up Ass.

I'm also number on on Yahoo for Making Someone Love You.

And again, on Google, for I Fart In Your General Direction.

Of course, I still am, and hope to always be, the top spot for George Lucas Is A Fuckwad.

Something to be proud of, indeed.


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How do you do that? Find out what search words bring up your blog. Hmmmmmm.

I'm staring at a startling unresponsive screen over at my place. Might be a good time to turn the computer over and bang out all the dust and cat hair.

Rossi's Sunday Seven answers go up at midnight.


That is seriously messed up!

I still get the random "mormon underwear" search. And I used to get a lot for "bare feet" or "stocking feet" not so much any more though.

I am trying hard to get Ramadan Moon to number 1 on Google. I'm in the top 30 out of 28,000. A few more anchor text links and I'll get to #1.

You are also the top result for "michele" then again, you knew that.

And here I just found this morning that I am in the top fifteen on MSN search for filthy lingerie

you guys need to get a life!! I cant believe you guys spend your time searching for things that may bring you in the top list. Somebody prove me otherwise before i get the wrong impression!!!

Well ashdod, all that stuff is right there for the asking in my site stats. I don't have to search for anything. However, that does not mean that I have any discernable sort of life.

In fact, my life is so barren that I often think I am one step away from being one of those people who spend their time leaving comments on blogs about how people have no life.

I'm currently #3 on the MSN search for "world's longest penis." I get a handful of hits on that search every day, largely by people who just turn around and leave when they don't find the penis of their dreams at my site.

I used to hold a comparable position on Google, but they seem to have bumped me off.


We wanted the Sea to be in that top spot! Damn you! How did you figure that out anyway...someone was actually searching for it? What is wrong with people?

Yeah, people actually search for it, and it shows up in my referrer logs. There are millions of people on the Internet; that means that somewhere, someone right now is searching for a large penis.

Grea! You should now go prove your merit in creating an action figure character (although something tells me you probably already have).