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streetlight people

We were just hanging out with my sister and brother in law. That's always a mistake on a Saturday night.

We lined up the liquor bottles. Amaretto, Tequila, Captain Morgan's rum, Jagermeister, some other sickly sweet stuff and some illicit material that I don't normally partake of but I did tonight.

Hence the run on sentences and breathless commentary yet to come.

Anyhow, I sent a present to Alan tonight, which I got from Bunsen through that really wicked (and I mean that in a good way) blogger Anna.

Don't. Stop. Believing.

You can thank me later.

Oh, Justin went with my sister and her beau to see Pirates. Again. So I'm all yours for a while.

Don't worry, my alcohol/drug free B-I-L is the designated driver.


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So, that's what that line in that song was. My life... is now complete.

I Keanu you'd lurve Pirates! I almost went to see it again with my Joe today.
Same state of mind tonight, wink wink,
"take away my keyboard-hide it-and thank gawd I don't have a blog" SondraK

You'd think they could at least have used the real lyrics instead of Mondegreens.

(please don't have for having been a rabid Journey fan back in the day)

I meant:

(please don't hate me for having been a rabid Journey fan back in the day)

not enough coffee yet... sorry

That was wrong in so many ways. I may never get that song out of my head now.

Heaven is defined a moose?

In seventh grade I had this very unhip looking English teacher who turned out to be very hip.

For a lesson on adjectives she had printed out the lyrics to this song and we had to fill in the adjectives in. I hadn't heard the song yet (I didn't get into music that wasn't my parents music til two years later).

Needless to say I was way off. (He was born and raised in Old Detroit....) I think I did get one of 'em right though. Maybe it was the obvious cheap perfume.

Avoid sticky liquor! It is not your friend! Sweet booze will hurt you! Clear booze will hurt you!