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the days are just packed

I decided my reading repertoire needed a dose of the classics today.

ch.gifSo I took out my stack of Calvin and Hobbes books.

Do you think that Hobbes really did come alive for Calvin and his parents just didn't know it - kind of like how no one knew Samantha on Bewitched was a witch - or did Calvin just have a great imagination?

Remember that one strip where Calvin and Hobbes had a magic carpet and they flew past the dad's office? That got me thinking that maybe Hobbes really was alive but Calvin's parents just didn't have the magical child-like capacity to see it.

Or maybe Calvin was schizophrenic and Hobbes was just a part of his personality.

Or perhaps Calvin was so incredibly bright for a six year old (check out his vocabulary) that he had to manifest his intelligence and creativity in the form of Hobbes because he wasn't being challenged enough in the first grade.

Or perhaps his parents spent so little quality time with him that he cooked up this invisble friend to make up for the lack of attention he was getting.

Or perhaps I think too much.


I've always looked at Hobbes as a species of Schrödinger's cat, collapsing in and out of a state of quantum indeterminacy according to the observer.
But that's just me.

Hobbes was alive. He used the "I-am-a-stuffed-animal" ruse to dupe the grownups. Camoflage.

i think they are all true.

my sons all love calvin and hobbes. perhaps i should worry more.

I don't know whether Hobbes was real or a figment....

All I know is that Calvin & Hobbes was the best comic strip ever.

Oh how I miss Calvin & Hobbes. I should pull out my collection and read it cover to cover tomorrow instead of drafting my brief. No?

Yeah, I always figured Hobbes was just really really sneaky. You gotta watch them tigers.

Speaking of tigers, the Detroit Tigers really suck. Headline in today's Grand Rapids (MI) Press: "The Tigers Lost... But They Had A Chance To Win". Ouch.

What Toren said.

Oh, and Calvin had some really bitchin' drugs.

Heya. :)

I actually thought about this a few years ago when I re-read the entire collection at my father's house.

I found a single strip where it proves that hobbes actually is alive. It's the only place in the whole series that I could find.

It takes place where Calvin and Hobbes are playing in his bedroom and making a lot of noise. I think they're playing cops and robbers. Hobbes ties calvin up to a chair to interrogate him.

His mom walks in and Calvin is actually solidly tied to a chair with his hands completely immobilized behind him or something, and his mom wonders how on earth he got tied to a chair with such complicated knots.

Basically, there is no way somebody can tie themselves up to a chair in such a way, no matter how hard they try. Hobbes has to be the culprit. In every other instance, I could see Calvin doing something by himself and thinking it was Hobbes, but not in this case.

So yes, Hobbes is alive. :)


The series I remember is when Calvin decided he didn't want to do a homework assignment, so he built a time machine out of a cardboard box and went ahead in time two hours so that he could get the assignment from his future self. Of course, this didn't work because future Calvin hadn't wanted to do the assignment either. While the Calvins were arguing, the Hobbses got together and wrote the report for the Calvins. What Calvin didn't realize was that the Hobbses had written the report from their POV about how silly the Calvins looked (on the bright side, the teacher thought it was very creative and gave Calvin an "A").

Now, suspension of disbelief is fun, but since Calvin was busy arguing with himself, he presumably didn't have the time to write the report himself, and even if he had, wouldn't he have rationalized "reading" it first, so he wouldn't have been surprised when he started reading the paper in front of the class and realized that Hobbes was mocking him? I always took that as a pretty strong argument that Hobbes was real.

Now, how do you build a time machine out of a cardboard box again. . .? :-)

This thread shows what a genius Watterson is. We read the comics everyday and we never wonder how it is animals talk, people never age, people can fly or any of the rest of the givens of the comic strip universe. It just is.

But the question of whether Hobbes is real still engages people from my age to that of my kids. It's the central mystery of C&H and one of the many reasons I miss it so much.

I'm thankful you knew when it was time to hang it up, Mr. Watterson. I just wish it didn't have to be.

What got me was the creator of Dennis The Menace, who couldn't comprehend why Watterson stopped. Of course, this was coming from a guy who turned his strip over to a couple of guys who used generic jokes and whathaveyou to keep the thing going.

I wonder what Watterson is doing these days. Anyone here who knows?

I like to believe Calvin really sees Hobbes come alive.

There is this children's picture book called Meet Stinky Magee that has the same premise. My kid LOVES it.


There was a vaguely similar issue with nobody but Big Bird seeing Stefanopolous on Sesame Street. I used to bitch about this at work. The plant manager took a day off because his son was sick, and called the office to tell me they had a special event on the show wherein the big people finally saw him.

how much would i have to pay you to find the one where hobbes yawns and calvin sticks his head in his mouth like a lion tamer? and scan it for me?

i've always thought hobbes was alive and no one else could sneak up quietly enough to see it. whether it's just calvin's imagination that makes him real is just too damn heavy.

kisses banagor

stefanopolous? :o)

sorry, i just noticed.

Mr. Snuffleupagus!

Not exactly a parallel, because there was no mystery. He was always supposed to be real; we kids were to relate to Big Bird and his frustration with not being taken seriously by adults.

But how's this for a parallel: Hobbes IS Tyler Durden; comparing C&H to Fight Club --