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my two cents on kobe

Whether he raped the girl or not, one fact remains. He was screwing around on his wife. Gee, what a shock. A rich, young sports star fooling around. I am simply stunned.

Now, if I were his wife, you can bet your championship ring that I would not be standing up there with Kobe, holding his hand and supporting him.

"Because I know him to be innocent, I will stand by him and we will face this together. I know Kobe better than anyone. The great person you see on the court and in the public is a far greater person off the court."

Yes. A far greater person who sleeps with women besides his wife. Call me cynical, but do you really think this is the first time it's happened?

I'd be smacking him upside his head with a size 22 Nike right about now. I'll tolerate a lot of things in a marriage. Adultery is not one of them. It's the ultimate betrayal.

Wait, I need to make a phone call.

Hello, Mrs. Bryant? I'm going to patch you through to Hillary now.

[note: I have no judgment on whether Kobe is guilty of rape or not. Not enough evidence to go either way. I'll leave that one to the detectives]


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He should have kept his cock in his fucking pants. However, I think the fact that his wife is standing by him is a testament to his character. He cheated on his wife, he admitted it and we don't know that he didn't confess right away... People make mistakes, believe me, their are people you would never think would do that kind of thing , but have and will continue to do so until they get caught just like kobe did. You can believe that. And I for one, because of the behavior he's shown in the past, will totally believe he is innocent until they PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT he raped that woman.

I'm with you on this one, Michele. That cheating thing is one of the first things that get discussed in any of my relationships. You do it, you're gone.

The fact that he lied in the first place, saying he didn't do anything with that woman says far more about about his character than his so-called repentence now.

Free Kobe. He didnt rape this girl. I am sure without a shadow of a doubt that he will be found innocent. If this case is by the books why the rush to arrest him. This is not normal procedure in CO.

It is sad that a trial has to go forward. Prehaps she got scared or felt guilty afterwards. Either way Kobe would not have to force anyone to have sex with him

Well, I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about Bryant, having not followed his career or news of his personal life, but Drew is right . If he was such a stand-up guy he would have admitted the fact that, at the very least, he was in fact cheating.

Not doing so makes him not only look like a moral tool, but also causes me to think he's not all that bright either. And that makes me wonder about whether such a combination of sleaziness, stupidity and the hubris of mega-stardom would give him the psychological wherewithal to actually rape someone.

Not saying he did it, of course. That's for the police and the DA and maybe, in time, a jury to decide. I'm just suggesting that perhaps such thoughts shouldn't be dismissed out of hand on account of his supposedly sterling character.

Look, lets not kid ourselves here. The kind of women who marry people like Kobe Bryant aren't marrying for love, they are marrying for money. And when you marry someone because they are rich you will tolerate alot more than when you marry someone you care about. She doesn't really care that much if he sleeps around as long as her and her kids get to live the life of a multi-millionaire. I mean shit look at Magic's wife, he's got friggin AIDS for chrissakes and they are still together. Same thing with Hillary. Its not a big deal when your husband cheats on you if your not really in love with your husband anyway. Think about it.


Again, I admit I'm speaking from a place of ignorance on Kobe, but if I recall correctly, this woman was a highschool sweetheart. Not exactly a classic golddigger scenario.

Michele, your commenters truly are an amazing group. They can read people's minds and explain why they choose to marry and stay married.

And, of course, what would an ASM post be without some snarky Hillary references? For the record, Bill didn't have any money when they met, and it's a fairly safe assumption that she has earned more than him over the course of their lives. Was she clairvoyant, choosing to hook up with a fellow law student because she knew he would be elected President 20 years later?

Heaven forfend a couple might stay together because they love each other and are willing to work through the rough spots. What a bunch of cynics.


Oh, I get it. Any woman who marries a rich guy by definition can't be in love with him, only his money.

So what about guys who marry stunningly beautiful women? Are they, by definition, not really in love with them, just their looks, so it's OK if said beautiful wife screws around?

I've been a rape crisis counselor and member of the Detroit Rape Unit for 8 years. What I can tell you is that this isn't looking like a forcible rape. When a rape kit is ordered and all tests are passed, the accused gets a warrant for his arrest. Plain and simple. No warrants were issue in Mr. Bryant's case. No we enter a whole new stage; consensual or not.

Let me tell you something straight, the alleged victim is making it hard on herself by not saying anything. She should be out, blabbing her mouth now saying how bad Kobe is. That's what happens in my neck of the woods when a woman is REALLY raped. Also, don't fall for the media spin. The alleged victim is a GROWN woman aged 19. Kobe is only 24. So the old "she's a girl" ploy isn't going to fly.

But I do agree with you Michele, Kobe's adultery is typical of men in his situation.

While I don't agree with the "Collins" argument that it's only money, I would say that $100 million might put you in a more "forgiving" mood when your spouse gets a little extra curricular. However, with the community property laws in Cali, she would be a rich womon if that's what shereally wanted to do. Time will tell, .... and If she does dump him, she can always come to my house for some comforting.....heh.

Call me old fashioned, but I'm more than a little upset with the "It's only adultery" attitude most of the press is taking. I'm also not buying this "It COULDN'T be good old Kobe" attitude. With all due respect to Aysel, I don't expect rape victims to run all over the countryside howling about it just to help their cases along.

Adultery has a pretty honorable history. I don't see why it's getting such bad treatment here.

Things were simpler when things were unicellular and already together. Cellular division eventually led to ``dames'' and you see the result.

I agree with everything you say right up to the end. He messed up bad by cheating on his wife, and that's as close to unforgiveable as anything is in this world. That said, I'll leave the truth to be determined by the jurors, not the detectives. Detectives don't deal in reasonable doubt, and it seems to me that police many times deal in a presumption of guilt. That's fine. Their job is to protect the person claiming to have been assaulted, so I don't have a problem with them presuming she's telling the truth. That's why we have juries. We leave the truth of guilt to them, and not to detectives.


Yeah they are highschool sweethearts, but think about what Kobe's life was like in highschool; just like LeBron James. Not real hard to figure out he's gonna be rich when he's 16 and there's NBA scouts coming to his games every week.

Allison -
Not every woman who marries a rich man is in it for the money. But women who marry rich men and don't divorce them when they committ adultery are a different story.

"But women who marry rich men and don't divorce them when they committ adultery are a different story."

Your argument would only seem to hold water if it were true that all women who married non-rich men always divorced them when they committed adultery. That's not the case.

It is possible, as hard as it apparently is for some folks to imagine, that a woman could marry a rich man because she loves him, AND could stay with him after an affair because she forgives him and still loves him. Why are so many people under the impression that people with lots of money dont have feelings and emotions and real relationships and the ability to work through problems in their relationships? Rich people aren't all that different. They can just buy more stuff.

I also haven't been that familiar with Kobe, but what little I have seen of him definitely disposes me to extend him the same assumption of innocence I feel I owe anyone accused of a crime in these great American states.

That said, the high school sweetheart turned wife truly does face a challenge right now in keeping her marriage vows (til death do us part) when he has broken one of his (fidelity). I am not married so I can't begin to say what I would do if a husband cheated on me. A boyfriend is cut and dried, end the relationship and hope friendship can be maintained. But once you have made a lifelong commitment to someone I tend to think that just like the presumption of innocence in our courts, there should be a predisposition to forgiveness in our hearts. Doesn't love forgive?

i dont blame kobe for wanting some young, tight pussy. id pop it myself. go kobe!

We have no idea what kind of relationship they have. I think it's a little presumptuous to assume they don't have an open relationship. We cannot say if it was an act of betrayal or not. Only they know that.

Everybody its easy to see what happened!
either kobe got sme and the little girl saw $$$$$ signs or kobe did actually lure this poor girl up to his room with bad intenetions. one thing i want to know is what kind of knee sugury he had because unless he was just scoped he would not be runin around and i soubt he would think " hey maybe i should rape her today" to tell you the truth i just now started to respect him as a basketball player and person and the only winner out of this whole ordeal will be mrs. braynt because right now she countin the money, affter everything clears she make a buck because she supported her husband through his infidelities and hey i say power to yea! get all you can because kobe is no longer a man rapist or not, he is a liar! he lied to his wife. i just hop he can find peace on the basketball court but i wont ever watch again.

Who the hell are you to get in Kobe's personal life? If his wife supports him, that's none of your business. If your husband slept with another woman and you found out about it, do whatever you want to face the situation. Either kill him or leave. BUT DON't get in other people's business. What's the matter with you women??? Always trying to intrigue others.
My advice to you! Stick around your husband or boyfriend,and make sure he is not cheating on you. You'll tell me about it!!!! Every man cheats, so WHAT?

I find it hard to believe that he raped the girl. I also find it hard to believe that his wife has a braincell.

The girl went to his room, did what they did, he wouldnt have anything more to do with her and she screamed rape.

That bitch is lying... she went up the guy's room to get fucked and that's all... screw the little bitch.. no woman with a common sense is going to go to a man room at 11pm at night... she beleive Kobe wanted to discussa book with her.. fuck her.. I wish I'm on the jury.. lying slut bitch,

those anyone know the name of the alleged victim? also, let me tell you what sucks about this, if he is guilty..well.. he is fucked. but if he is innocent.. he is fucked too and she simply walks away.

what a country?

Well, human nature being what it is, why would an wmployee, when she got off work go to a guests room, I would bet a weeks pay this 19 year old young woman, has visited other guests at this resort, I do hope Kobe's lawyers do a probing backround on the so called victim?

Why is it that people tend to believe the innocence on celebrities/athletes over regular people? I have had occasion to work with many athletes, and let me tell you that not all of them are the sunshine and roses personalities that they put out there for the general public to see. Not everybody is out for money-- it's quite possible that this girl was forced to do something she did not want to do. If she, at any time, said "No," it was rape. End of story. The fact that she went to his room does not mean that 'she wanted it.' Rules and policies often do not extend to people of Kobe's stature. What will cause less commotion and discomfort-- Kobe coming to the front desk for something, or bending the policy and taking something to him?

And Kobe went to high school in Philly. His wife went to school in LA, if I'm not mistaken. A little difficult to be "high school sweethearts" when there are 3000 miles between you. Besides, he took Brandy to his prom...do you really think a girlfriend would have appreciated that? He started dating his wife after he was in the NBA, while SHE was still in high school.

Kobe got caught, that's why he is sorry, he's done it before and he will do it again

They are not high school sweethearts. He met her while shooting a video, She married him, like many dumbies strictly for the money case closed. Although she was refusing to sign a pre-nup. Furthermore, she should not be entitled to 1/2 his money, she's not earning it. As for his alledged victim. PUHLEEZE

At the end of the day, Kobe should have known better, I say when will they ever learn?

Kobe has learned his lesson. It's unfortunate that he'll pay an enormous price. (In every way)
However, did his wife sign a pre-nup?
She hasn't been married long enough for half, but she will get quite a bit.
His parents hate her guts so she may have something to prove to them and the media.
Standing my her man, (Ha.) She'll dump him a few months after the verdict. Either way it goes.
Most will pat her on the back for being wifey during a most humiliating time in her life.
She gets paid!

He did not do it. The bitch want to get famous in the only way she can.

wow, a great blog. I am a fellow moveabletyper and I love to find good quality blogs to post to, thanks.

I belive that Kobe didn't rape this girl. Yes he is a married man but come on in today's society how many men stick to there vows?

Kobe is young and fine with money and a name so why on gods green earth would he go so far to get a littel somin somin.....holla if you know what I mean.

Anywayz the point of the matter is that I truly think that he had nothing to do with rapping this girl. She got her few minutes of pleasure from him and yet this wasn't enough?
She had to go out and ruin his public name.

Ofcourse I don't condem him cheating but come on
give the guy a break!

I guess its easy to condemn someone for cheating when you're not affected by it. Do I think Vanessa is a golddigger? Well its possible and frankly wouldn't surprise me however I don't know them or their marriage one thing I do know is that this case is BS and frankly if she is a liar I wish she's condemned for it because she trashed real rape victims in the process Kobe just trashed his marriage which is something he has to live with. We have to live with a woman lying about rape and depriving another woman who was actually raped her chance at justice. That woman could be our sister, mother, best friend etc.