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this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.

I took a half day today so I can take the kids bowling.

I suck at bowling. My lifetime average must hover around 40, and that's including all the times I played with bumpers. My wrist does this weird twisty thing that I can't control and I end up playing gutter ball for ten frames.

Still, I enjoy it because I like to pretend that the pins are my chosen enemies and when I - once in a great while - knock a few down, it feels good. It's not like pulling out a firearm during league play, but it's close.

They also have really good, greasy fries at the bowling alley.

So my goal today is to bowl higher than a 40 and to possibly get a better score than my two year old nephew.

Then I'll come home and watch The Big Lebowski.


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I absolutely love bowling. I guess part of my love is the fact that I've always been a pretty decent bowler. I'm joining a league next month and expect to win a lot of money in the process.



It is my favorite film of all time.


Coitus. The physical act of love.

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Could you honestly say you'd wear a shirt that said "compulsive fornicator" if I made one? Hmmmm.....

Nothing wrong with a little bowling pin shooting in the proper place. Making some pins fly is a great release for that end of the work week tension.

You're out of your league Donnie.

Oh I love this movie. ;)

Hey, nice marmot.

Phone's ringing, dude.