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the bush lied(tm) juggernaut claims a victim?

David Kelley, Ministry of Defense adviser suspected as the source of allegations that the government doctored a report about Iraq's nuclear program*, has gone missing. A body found in the woods five miles from Kelley's house matches the description of Kelley.

Police say a body found in Britain matches the description of a missing Ministry of Defense adviser who was named by the government as the possible source for a disputed news report that claimed intelligence on Iraqi weapons was doctored to strengthen the case for war.

The body, found about 5 miles from David Kelly's (search) home in Oxfordshire, central England, matches the description of the 59-year-old former weapons inspector, police said, although an official identification has not yet been made.

Interesting, disturbing report.

*[edited from this morning after different versions of the story appeared elsewhere]]


The British equivalent of Vince Foster? Hillary did it.


Of course now it's going to be Bush is a Murderer!.

Wait, they already are calling him that. Nevermind. :-)

Boy, if I was Bob Graham, I think I'd be watching my back right about now..

Not sure, but I think you opening paragraph is not quite correct. Kelley is believed to be the source of a BBC story that claimed that the "45 mins to deploy WMD" (obviously chem/bio) was "sexed up". I don't think he was involved with an disputed claims the report made on the purchase of uranium in Africa.

I think the BBC reporter who wrote the story on the "sexed-up" intellegence, hung his "confidential source" (e.g. Kelley) out to dry, during the parliment's investigation. Kelley embarassed, stressed and depressed at being outed in front of all his intellegence collegues probably committed suicide.... We'll know more in the near future.


Grrrrrrrrrrr. This is the wrong day for my cable to have been disconnected. But there you have it.

Good think I work at an NPR station with an AP wire.


Very disturbing, especially considering the timing.

There's a bit more information about the case here.

Kelly was named as a possible source by the MoD, after apparently volunteering the information that it may have been him, a fact rejected by the parliamentary committee investigating the issue. The BBC correspondent Andrew Gilligan has so far refused to name his source, and was heavily criticised by the committee for refusing to do so.

I can see the tin-foil hat brigade having a field day with this one.

I am unbelievably depressed about this.

The nutjob shrillness factor just got ratcheted up a dozen more octaves and ten decibels.

I'll be hiding my head under my pillow for the next six months. Just in case you start wondering where I am.