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dinner is served

It was a veritable smoragasbord out by the garage tonight. Three different kinds of beetles - I suppose they were the appetizer, main course and dessert.

I wonder if they taste like chicken.

[click for big bug size]

The ants attacked the poor guys while they were still alive. They marched over and under the bodies, taking the beetles apart limb by limb, carrying the body parts one at a time over the rocks and to their hideout, where I assume the guts and glory of the once impressive beetles were presented as gifts to the queen.

Then they all sat down at long tables with steins of lager while the jester ant told jokes and did somersaults while wearing the carcass of the biggest beetle, all to the tune of the ant minstrel band.

I swear.


I know what you mean about driving and not remembering how you got from one place to another. I had one of those kind of blackouts about a week ago. How the hell did I get home, and I wasn't drinking or anything. Must have been E.T.

Yesterday (thursday) morning, my wife and I headed out into the garage, me on my way to work and she on her way to drop our son off at daycare. She was walking in front of me carrying Jake, when she stopped and shrieked. There was a snake in our garage, and it was none to happy to see us. I told her to get back into the house with Jake, and I grabbed a shovel and chopped the buggar in half.

The cool thing was that both halves kept right on going as if nothing had happened. The half with the head kept rearing back and striking at the shovel.

Then my wife got the idea that she wanted to call animal control out here and tell them we had a snake problem, and wanted me to save the snake so they could see it. So after some careful manuevering, I managed to get both halves, still moving, into a giant ziplock freezer bag and seal it. I left it by the door.

When I got home last night, I asked her if she'd called animal control. No, she said, but some people came by the house distributing political fliers and campaigning for some guy, and were pretty freaked out by the snake in a bag by the door. Awesome.

That yellow beetle is pretty cool looking, actually. I only ever get to see the standard black variety.

Only you can make bug watching interesting. Your imagination once again amuses me.

Once my cat got hold of a snake in the garage (a small, non-venomous one), biting its head off. It then left the body coiled up in such a way that it looked at first glance like a bracelet or band - an oroborus, a snake that had somehow survived with a donut-shaped body and no head. Creeped me out no end until I double-checked it, and even then I had an odd nightmare of the no-headed snake rolling after me like a hula hoop.