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you may ask yourself

You ever have one of those days when you get to work and you say hey, how the hell did i get here? Because I certainly don't remember driving here.

And then later you look at the clock and it's 2pm and you have no idea what you've done the whole day, only that clock moved while you were doing it.

And then you think jesus, how many hours left until I can go to bed?

And all you want to do is rip off your clothes, not because you're horny or a naturalist, but because you feel like everything you are wearing is strangling you, and then your skin starts crawling and feeling tight and you are grinding your teeth and damn, that floor looks comfortable enough to lay down on and pass out.

Yea, that kind of day.


Are you getting enough sleep? And just because you're not horny or a naturalist doesn't mean the rest of us won't be entertained. You're going to submit a photo for my Blogathon gimmick, aren't you? =c)

At this point a continuing boyfriend has to look interested in yet another issue. Someday it will be an unresolved part of his crazy ex-girlfriend experience. For the present though it looks like another day of no sex.

I hate those days when you wake up in a coffin, left for dead in Mexico, your breath reaking of tequila, and your lungs wheezing with coagulated THC resin. Those days just SUCK!

wow. interesting you post this, because i had that day yesterday. work seemed to take forever although i did almost nothing. after 8 wasted hours of watching the clock tick, i went home, and although it was clear and beautiful and sunny and i had every intention of going to yoga or cleaning the house or doing something productive, i took off all my clothes and passed out naked on the couch at around 8:30, shades drawn. shortly after dark i went to bed. and getting up this morning, even after 12 hours of sleep, still did not feel good.

It was like that for me nearly every day last week. I was stuck on vacation with my mother... ooh yeah baby.

Why, Michele...why won't you just ban him? I mean, it's kinda funny, and just a tad insightful, but, really, how safe is it to have someone running loose who's clearly off his meds?

I had one of those days today. I had to leave early to keep from passing out at work.

Finally, a song lyric that I can recognize!

If you were a member of the tinfoil hat brigage, you could say that you were abducted by aliens in that time you couldn't keep track of. Just don't tell your boss that, aliens don't keep expense receipts.

That's been the last two weeks. Fortunately it being summer vacation, things have been pretty slow, so my starting to doze off in front of the computer isn't such a big deal. But Wednesday it was fall asleep about 7:30pm, and then get up to put the kids to bed, before going back myself. Whatever it is, half the people where I work seem to have it too, so you're not alone, not that that's really any comfort.

Remember the bit in Men in Black where Zed says something about the twins keeping them on Centarian time: "It's a 42 hour day. You'll get used to it after a while. ... Or you'll have a psychotic episode."? Sort of like that.