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closer - c = benitez

Bad move. Bad move. Bad move. Bad move. Bad move. Bad move. Bad move.


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Awesome move!!!! Thanks Yanks...not only do we unload salary but get back players....anyone else we can help u with.

As much as I'd love Michele's prediction to be true, don't think it's that bad.
Michele, he's not gonna take Rivera's spot he's just gonna be a setup man..... WAIT A SEC, paying that much in trades and salary for a setup guy (and weak one at that), You're right, Michele, your team is screwed.

For a pitcher known around the game as one of the stongest closers in baseball, Benitez sure wasn't anything close to that for the Mets. Have fun Yankees.

Here's a record he achieved with the Mets: Armando Benitez leads the majors with seven blown saves.

I don't know... sometimes a slumping player just needs a change of scenery. Like, f'rinstance, a nice view from the top of the standings. Kinda sad, but true. Benitez might suddenly find his form. It's happened before.

Jason Stark and several ESPN guys think it is a great move for the Yanks...what do they have to lose? $3 Million? That's pocket change to the Yanks, and they only had to give up B-list players to get him--no top shelf prospects involved (once again, the Yanks get a potentially great player while giving up none of the future or any of the big hired hands on the farm). One might argue it's too much to pay for a set-up man, but not if the set-up man position is the Achilles heal of the team. Besides, the Yanks can afford it. Benitez may be a bust, but we don't know how motivated he was while a Met as of late, it's not as if they were going to win a lot of games, you know? Time will tell if a change of scenery does him good. Cashman thinks it will, and Cashman is also likening this acquisition to that of The Rocket. 

Interestingly enough Armando has had some memorable moments at Yankee Stadium. He started the biggest fight the boss said he had ever seen in 25 years when he drilled Tino Martinez in the back and then egged on Strawberry. He also served up the homerun in the ALCS while with Baltimore to Jeter that some kid caught and hauled in while reaching in over the right field wall and into the "field of play"--so it's not like Benitez has been rock solid at The Stadium.

On the other hand with him and Riviera this could give the Yankees that dominating closing punch they have been missing since the Riviera/Wetteland days. If so, yuck it up Mets fans and watch the Yanks win, what, #27?

Whatever idiot decided this trade was a good idea must have felt that Roger was lonely, being the only classless jerk on the Yankees. Now they have two. Since Benitez is actually more of a classless jerk than Clemens, I wonder if Roger will feel the need to step up his classlessness to retain his number one spot on the Yankees.

I'm salivating at the prospect of watching Benitez surrender a home run to the likes of Nomar Garciaparra or Bret Boone in the ALCS or ALDS.